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Saturday, 15th May 2004



As I write this, it is now a week since the event and now that the dust has settled what are my thoughts?

Well … it was rather a good day wasn’t it? I feared the worst with only 22 tickets pre-sold but around 75-80 turned out which was pleasing in the end. David J Howe told me he had organised events were no one had turned up whilst Terry Molloy said he went to an event where only 2 people turned up!

Not everything went to plan of course, you can’t plan everything precisely can you? It started around 15 minutes late as the Hyde Fundraisers arrived later than I had expected and were still putting Daleks on the stage at 10.00am ! However, around 10.15am David Howe took to the stage and, after introductions and a few words about the late Anthony Ainley, Terry Molloy bounded onto the stage to much applause and we were off! I had to dash home to fetch my video player for Mike Tucker’s special affects talk (the theatre staff assured me they would have everything he would need for his talk!!) and the writers seminar was moved from the Green Room to the stage as we did not wish to split a small audience into two even smaller audiences, which proceedings back by around 30 minutes.

All the guests really enjoyed themselves, as did all the fans, and I have received nothing but positive feedback which has been very nice. It was lovely to meet my friend Caroline Munro again – hi Caroline! – and nice to meet Mike Tucker, Mark Morris, David Howe, Gary Russell, Steve Gallagher and the DWACC’s very own patron India Fisher once again. It was the first time I had met Peter Miles, Terry Molloy, Hugh Futcher and Johnny Dennis but all were a joy to talk to. Having never been to a Doctor Who event before, Johnny had a wail of a time, and all the guests enjoyed the relaxed, friendly, laid back informal atmosphere I had deliberately tried to create. At the big events they never get the chance to mingle and chat with the fans, something they all enjoyed doing – as well as signing those all important autographs! I also spent the weekend chauffeuring Peter Miles around! David Howe was a superb host for the days events and was a huge help with ideas and suggestions. Thanks David.

It was nice to see so many DWACC members turn up for the event and it was great to meet you all and put a few faces to the names I’ve become accustomed to! Andy Kitching, John Ashworth, Dave Mullen and Jonathan Mallinson I already knew and they acted as stewards for the day (Andy also interviewed Johnny and Peter) whilst Chris Armstrong I had met before at the Caroline Munro signing last September. But it was also great to meet Chris Winwood and the two Caroline’s – Callaghan and Sinclair. New members Paul Hughes and Chris Leather also attended but I never got the chance to say hello. Sorry lads but I was just rushed off my feet all day! I knew I’d be busy but phew!, not that busy! The end of the day was a really nice touch when I was presented with a birthday cake and card signed by all the guests (I was 40 three days earlier!) and all the guests and audience sang “happy birthday” to me! Embarrassing or what?!! But it was nice!

So yes, it was a great day. Financially it wasn’t a success – the theatre could have done far more to help (publicity etc) – but everyone really enjoyed themselves so that’s what counts isn’t it? I thought the Hyde Fundraisers, with the Daleks and Cybermen etc, really helped to create the right atmosphere and I hope they raised lots of money for charity.

Thanks once again to everyone who supported this great day and for your contributions to this issue. I hope you enjoy reading it!