haracter Adoption
Yes, it's true! Here at Companion's Choice we have many poor characters with a name and nothing else! These pitiful creatures are, currently, space fillers. *gasp!*

That's right!! We've got a ton of rankers here with only a name that need a player and a character sheet! If you're willing to give that to them, then they're yours to play!

Here's a list of the adoptables we have. Right now they're NPCs, to be played by anyone that needs them. Of course, some characters are permanent NPCs, like the housekeepers. Those are supposed to be used by everyone when they're necessary, but those are listed on the Current Characters page.

When you've chosen your character, go to the Create a Character page and fill out the appropriate forms.

Heralds with Companions
Herald/Teacher of History Aethyd (m)Trev (m)
Herald/Teacher of Magic Mhere (f)Glendalle (m)
Herald/Special Messenger Rin (f)Arrow
Herald/Teacher of Gifts Taddry (m)Asadith (f)
Herald-Consort Thao (m)Rhaeuhn (m)
Unpartnered Companions
Caythiel (f)Mage Collegium Magical Creatures Teacher
Alercja (f)Dean of Healers
Aetheniven (m)Teacher - Gifts
Alidda (f)Teacher - fauna (animals)
Celyan (f)Teacher - flora (plants)
Diaela (f)Teacher - Mindhealing
Turan (m)Teacher - Basics
Virin (m)Teacher - Advanced
Alora (f)Teacher - advanced
Braea (f)Teacher - Gifts
Joryan (f)Teacher - Percussion
Lenya (f)Dean of Bardic
Lonna (f)Teacher - Theory
Lor (m)Teacher - Woodwinds
Nora (f)Teacher - Composition
Sonry (m)Teacher - Strings
Yedrey (m)Teacher - basics
Prince TaenAge 12, Not Chosen
Herald-Consort Thao (m)Rhaeuhn (m)
Gwen (f)Dean of Blues
Addran (m)(Master-class) Teacher of basics
Caythiel (f)(Master-class) Magical Creatures Teacher

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