So you've decided to join? Huzzah!


All you have to do now is fill out your character sheet for our list administrator, Lydia, so she can approve your character. Once your character is approved you can start playing and she'll forward your information to the webmistress, Jules, so she can paste your information on this website and on the Yahoo! groups page. Remember that you don't have to adopt *both* Herald and Companion, but it's easier that way.
Even if you have asked permission to play an existing character, you must still create a character sheet for them.

All mages, Heralds, Healers, and Bards start out as trainees.
You must ask permission to play any other type of character (noble, teacher, non-human, etc.)

Please read the little tiny words underneath the main titles! They're important!

What shall you be?
Herald-Trainee  Companion
Bardic-TraineeMage Trainee