Okay, no taking bets on how often I actually remember to update this page!

But I figured it would look nicer than just shoving it on my front page! :)

May 24th 2005

Okay, I admit it. I really suck at this. There are a number of reasons... I moved house/continent, 2nd year of university is actually slightly more demanding than the first, and I admit, I've not written as much.

However, the main reason I've not really updated is that for the last several months, I've been planning and designing a whole new website, with it's own domain name and everything. With my technological incompetance, it's still in progress, but hopefully, with exams ending in a week, I'll find the time and motivation to get it going.

It will contain everything I've got up here, the newer stuff which I've only posted in my LJ so far, and I also hope to spread out further than just SG-1. I have written Voyager in the past (although it's unlikely that I'll post that ever!) and recently, my interest has been tipped by Atlantis (although I've not written anything for it yet) and NCIS (which I have.)

Anyway, the short of it is that I'm not planning on updating this anymore until I post here the link to my whole new (and hopefully improved!) website. See you there!!

July 12th 2004
Been a while, huh? Blame end of year exams and the end of term generally! :)
*New Fic! Darkness Closing In Daniel/Janet, angst, hurt/comfort, sequel to Darker Side of the Moonlight.

May 25th 2004
*New Fic! Confused. Daniel/Janet, humour
*UPDATED Comfort! Promises & Desire. Daniel/Janet UST, angst, hurt/comfort

May 4th 2004

*New Fic! Little Voice. Daniel/Janet, humour. Sequel to Kiss Her

May 3rd 2004

*New Fic! Anything. Daniel/Janet, angst, hurt/comfort, set just after "Rite of Passage"
*New Fic! Darker Side of the Moonlight. Daniel/Janet, angst, with spoilers for "Heroes, Part 2"
*New Fic! Hammond's Angel. Parody, humour. Janet/Just about anyone!
*New Fic! Hammond's Angel 2: Full Infatuation. The equally strange sequel to "Hammond's Angel"!

April 1st 2004

*New Fic! Try Hard To Speak.
*New Fic! Something To Talk About.
Sequels to Small Talk, which can now be found under "Finished Series"

March 13th 2004

*New Fic! Nothing Special. WARNING: character death

March 9th 2004

*New Fic! Small Talk. Daniel/Janet, angst

March 6th 2004

*New Fic/Poem! Fallen Angel. Daniel/Janet, SPOILERS FOR HEROES, PART 2
*New Fic! Kiss Her. Daniel/Janet, humour
*New Drabble! Not Okay. SPOILERS FOR HEROES, PART 2

December 2nd 2003

*New fic! Should Have. Sam/Jack UST
*New fic! Just Another Day. General humour
*New drabble! Home. Daniel/Janet, episode addition to "Beneath the Surface"

November 26th 2003

*Updates page added
About me page added.
*Links page updated
*New drabble! Goodbye. WARNING: Contains spoilers for "Heroes"
*New angst fic! Death and the Doctor. WARNING: Contains spoilers for "Heroes"


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