Fallen Angel

CATEGORY: angst, poetry
SPOILERS: "Heroes, Part 2"
SUMMARY: "It's been 3 months since she died"

The tears fall throughout the night
He longs to be able to hold her tight
She's no longer by his side
It's been 3 months since she died

3 months since they said goodbye
3 months since he watched her die
3 months of recurring nightmares
3 months of pity-filled stares

Every time he closes his eyes
He sees her where on the ground she lies
With her life just slipping away
The memory is as clear as yesterday

He'll cry and shout and scream
Wishing it was all a dream
Reality is too much to bare
He lives his life hardly aware

He misses her so much
He longs for her gentle touch
Her soft whisper of "I love you."
Misses replying with "Love you too."

She was cut down in her prime
He wishes they'd had more time
He's now in his own personal hell
With the loss of his fallen angel