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Welcome to the staff page. Everyone below can be emailed if you click on their name. We don't have a lot people working here so if you would like to become a staff member, please fill out the staff application form or email Andrew and tell him:

Email Address
What You Would Like To Work As
Your Experience In Web Designing
What Sites You Have Made Before
And Anything Else You Think Would Help You Get In

webmaster & CEO
Andrew put a lot of hard work in this website. He is very talented. Be

Name: Andrew
Age: 16
Location: Texas
Gender: Male

Goal in Life: To someday work for Nasa and help work on bringing the new technologies to the world. aerospace

Seen aliens, ghosts, etc.? You don't wanna know

Favorite Website:

Quote:  The most beautiful thing one can experience is The Mysterious. It is truly the basis of all Arts and Sciences". Albert Einstein

Chief Article Researcher & Submitter
Barry Williams
Barry is currently the webmaster of his own site and is researching some articles for inclusion on his site and his affiliate sites.

Name: Barry Williams

Location: England
Male Seen aliens, ghosts, etc? Ghost yeah when i was a kid ! - Its a long story really email me and ill tell you in more detail or I might submit it later on - anyway its documented on my site if you really want to read it.

Comments: I'm looking forward to submitting articles to Weird 9, I've written and researched on the paranormal and extraterrestrial for a while now and wanted to see my work on other websites other than my own - that's why I have enlisted here !

Favorite Website: Untold Tales


"WhAt We Do In LiFe EcHoS In EtErNiTy "

Graphics Designer
Lisa is currently taking courses on becoming a web designer. She is one of our most promising staff members and we know she will help enrich the website with her personal touch.

Age: N/A
Gender: Female

Goal in Life: N/A

Seen aliens, ghosts, ect? N/A

Favorite Website:N/A


South America Researcher
Fran is doing a great job (by the time you read this it'll be done a great job) on the Southern American UFO Sightings

Name: Fran
Age: 13
Location: Chile
Gender: Female

Goal in Life: Being a famous singer *sighs*

Seen aliens, ghosts, etc? I haven't SEEN any but lots of times I feel kinda... you know, that you are not alone even if there's no one at home..... and Ive seen shadows when I'm alone.

Favorite Website: Weird 9


I DoNt BeLoNg To EaRtH
I bElOnG tO lOsT sPaCe
Im An Al
Im HeRe FoR a MiSsIoN
LeArN aLl AbOuT hUmAnS
BuT rEmEmBeR
ThE tRuTh Is OuT tHeRe


Article Researcher

Name: Tom
Nickname:The Ripper
Age: 12
Location: Long Island New York
Gender: Male

Goal in Life: To be a Forensic Scientist

Seen aliens, ghosts, etc.? tc.Yes many times. You know those things that you know are there but you can't see? That's them.

Favorite Website: