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Below is our Comprehensive link Section! If you want your Link here email us!

ALIENS & Paranormal


This site has some very interesting reading about UfO's and other information of the sort. It is a organization based out of Nebraska and deal primarily with phenomena that happens there.


bulletCryptic Link
This site has information on the "greys" and many other interesting topics such as: Astral projection, Meditation, Qigong, Dreams, Palindromes, Reincarnation, Gung fu, Chakra's, etc.


bulletStrange And Unexplained Tabloid
Find a free tabloid delivered via email. Covers legends, myths, and true information about UFOs, alien appearances, ghosts, and the paranormal.

bulletWeird Mysteries
Guide to paranormal and alien phenomena. Explore the links and order commemorative alien coins.


bulletStories of Strange and Unusual Happenings
This site publishes stories of a paranormal nature. Users are encouraged to document and submit their own personal experiences.

bulletEPRF Frontiers of Reality
Erikson Paranormal Research Foundation presents an overview of a variety of topics, including UFOs, grey aliens, and cryptozoology.

bulletEclipse - Paranormalities
Explore topics that cover alien abduction, time travel, UFOs, and paranormal events. View discussions of alien history.


bulletUFO Mind
Comprehensive collection of links relating to all things unexplained and paranormal is a good starting point for believers and skeptics.

bulletCenter for Paranormal Research
Devoted to users' experiences with ghosts, ESP, aliens, and dreams. Includes a sighting survey.

bulletArea 51 Resources
Award winning starting off point for exploration into Area 51. Travel articles, reader submissions, chat, discussion, and links.

bulletArea 51 - The Truth
Conspiracy theorist offers theories on the Nevada military instillation known as Area 51. Includes a location map, photos, and links.

bulletArea 51 - Blue Fire
Browse one person's extensive archive of stories, recollections, maps, and other details on Area 51, Papaloose Lake, and the Nellis Complex.
bulletNight Watch
Aliens and the latest in science news are the focus of this page that features forums and a chat room. Topics include Area 51 and UFO history.

bulletArea 51
Said to be the largest public database of information about this secret military facility and site of an alleged US Government UFO cover-up.

bulletMutual UFO Network
Organization offers the truth about UFOs. Report a sighting, read classified ads, and purchase books, journals, and videos.

bulletNational UFO Reporting Center
UFO spotters and victims of abductions are encouraged to file a report here for addition into the database. Read about other encounters.

bulletThe International UFO Museum and Research Center
The International UFO Museum and Research Center home page provides the museums mission statment, history and upcoming events.

bulletNSA - UFO Documents Index
National Security Agency provides reports, lawsuit details and news stories related to UFOs. Read them in .pdf format.

bulletProject Blue Book - FBI Freedom of Information Act
Review the contents of a 12 page report kept by the FBI that details the findings of the Air Force's investigation of UFOs.
bulletTotal UFO Photos
Read the accounts of UFO sightings in the US and abroad and view photos of ships flying in formation and singly.

bulletInt'l Society for UFO Research
Access the UFO archive, including articles on cattle mutilation, Mars, Men in Black, and UFO sightings. Includes photos and a mailing list.

bulletCenter for UFO Studies
Read articles and UFO reports, order books, journals, and government documents, and become a member of the J. Allen Hynek Center.

bulletThe Black Vault
The Black Vault is a database of UFO information and research compiled by California teen-ager. It includes more than 1,200 pages of UFO-related government documents that were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

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