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From: (Chris Schumacher) 
Subject: Babylon -5 HAS been canceled (Warning:Perverted) 
Okay, you people seem to be confused. We aren't talking about Babylon Five being canceled, we're talking about Babylon Minus Five being canceled. For those who don't have Showtime I'll indulge you a little. Babylon Minus Five is basically an R-rated version of the series. Because of this, several episodes were rather...shall we say, different. Midnight on the F***ing Line -- Memorable because it had the first Delenn/Sinclair sex scene.
During the fight in the Zoccalo, Londo unleashed all six of his tentacles to strangle G'Kar. Sole Hunter --- This one was rather odd, it has no sex, and only moderate swearing. The Sole Hunter just came to steal the shoes of the B5 cast. The Sole Hunter was played by Ed O'Neil. Infection --- Garibaldi believes that Talia gave him VD. We find out in the end that he doesn't.
There was B-Plot about organic weapons, but I can't seem to remember very much about it. Parliament Of Reams --- This episode was so raunchy that Showtime cut it halfway through it's first broadcast. I was able to get a tape from PTEN of it, the parts we missed in the end was an S&M scene between G'Kar and Na'Toth. Sinclair Squared --- Delenn and Saki decided to share Jeff. Quality of Mercy --- Oddly enough, this episode was exactly the same. Soul Mates --- The "Sexual Olympics" was kept in. A Race Into Dark Places --- Guess what the group og rouge telepaths were doing to fool Bester? The Coming Shadows --- Many people thought that the note in the beginning of Blood Oath was a misprint. Now you see that it isn't. This one was EXTREMELY gross. You ain't seen nothing until you've seen Shadow Sex! 
The Very Long Night Of Susan Ivanova --- This is the real reason why it was removed from the Season 2 roster. Garabaldi,G'Kar,Sheridan, and Talia, all in the same night! Divided Loyalaties --- Let's just say that the breakup at the end was a lot more heart wrenching. The Long Twilight Struggle --- No sex, though we do have a bloody fist fight between Lonod and G'Kar. 
Comes The Inquister --- Interesting toys you have their, Sebastian. Also, in Chrysalis and The Coming Shadows, the Shadows had a new way of killing people, which they probably got from watching too much Urotsedkiji. Anyway, it's been canceled because even Showtime couldn't show THIS much sex and violence. Rumor is that Playboy TV is going to pick it up. -==Kensu==- Please forgive me, I know not what I type. 

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