Rambling Goth Home Page by Taer Jinhovk

If you are offended by this picture, then leave!

You fell into my trap. Prepare to be yourself. If you cannot be yourself, then piss off, this site is only for independent people and free thinkers.

If you've never fallen madly in love with a stranger's gestures and silence, never daydreamed desperately in a board meeting or math class, never been carried away by extremities of emotion while everyone around you remained unmoved and oblivious;

If you've never suspected that life was elsewhere, that there was something happening, like beautiful music playing just out of range of your hearing, somewhere beyond the shopping districts and suburbs, off the highway, over the fields and oceans;

If there is no part of you left unsatisfied by prime time programming and new internet technology and the selection of five thousand movies at the video rental store-

......Then perhaps this is not for you.

But if you have a secret self, read on. (CrimethInc Harbringer intro)

Please e-mail me and tell me. Have a nice night. And I promise all, I'll start updating. Really I will. TaerJinhov@hotmail.com


This web page was last updated 07.03.02
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