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This is the center for In-Character Information about the Independent Gangrel Clan of Necropolis.

[...Be aware that even though this is listed within the IC information, it is here only because it should be commonly known by Gangrel and certain special visitors. use common sense in separating IC and OOC information, as well as to what extent IC information is possible...]

Here you will find the following resources:

The Jarl of the independent Gangrel is Michael Darius. Any in-character matters such as presentation or petitions for entry into the Palatinate can be directed to him.
History of the Gangrel Palatinate: Historical framework behind the Palatinate, the beginnings of the Independents' history and the internal structure of the Clan officers. 
Domain structure: Detailed maps of Swope Park and Fleming Park are available here. We have provided detailed maps of the Gangrel Palatinate. The Domain consists of two separate parks: Swope Park in Necropolis,  and Fleming Park, just outside Independance.
Nota bene: The maps offered here are large GIF files. Each of them will take some time to load, and each page offers some text detailing the particulars of each map as needed.
Some Swope Park key locations are listed here. Also, guests of the Palatinate should be aware of certain secure locations for Clan members only. Also, here is some information on the Ruins.
Rules of Conduct : The Jarl's orders regarding the conduct of the Palatine Gangrel and guests of the Domain. Also the laws of elysium as they apply in Swope.
Alliances and Enemies: Details about the varied Kindred allies of the independent Gangrel, current states of war, and the varied non-Kindred allies of the Clan.
Treaty of Alliance: Non aggression, mutual aid and territory pact with the Camarilla of Necropolis, Missouri
Gangrel Coteries of the Palatinate:The fyrd has been organized to defend the Domain. A faction of the Fyrd, Ceol Mor, has made Fleming Park their home to watch over and protect. 
Stories of the Gangrel:  Here, some tales told by various past and present Palatine Gangrel can be found. Some, but not all, of these stories have to do with the exploits of the independent Gangrel, and the trials they have endured since the Palatinate was formed. 
The Dance of Dod
A trip to the Umbra
Mari's tale
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