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Daydreamer's Delight
Welcome to Daydreamer's Delight

Welcome Daydreamers and Travelers. Before you begin your journey you must leave your troubles at the front gate. Before you leave please sign the Daydreamer's Log (guestbook).

If you are new to this site...WELCOME FRIEND! For those that have visited before thank you for returning.
I did have this site in four main parts but I decided that it wasn't a good idea to limit to just those. Because I am always looking for things to add.

I hope you enjoy your stay. Don't be afraid to discover each world. If you don't have time to visit everything in one sitting, please bookmark the site and come back anytime.

Thank you for visiting.

Don't forget to bookmark this site.

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~*~Tis Almost Fairy Time~*~

If you are "A Nightmare On Elm Street" Fan
Then this is the ultimate site for you
Please visit my husband's page.

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December 14, 2002