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Physical Science On The Web

This site has some helpful links for 7th and 8th grade science students looking for a little extra help. So, Welcome to Physical Science on the Web. Lets get to some science!

Classwork Review Assignments

Sample Written Lab Homework

Parents/Students can click here for a bibliograghy of the latest science books. These books are helpful for science projects and/or just for the fun of science.

Information for the Intermediate Level Science Test

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Sports Information

Could Science be FUN?

We spent a few days on our school's Project Adventure course learning about Newton's Laws of Motion and Center of Gravity. Hands on science!!

Need Some Help?

Physical Science Vocabulary
Class Notes
Missing A Lab?
Chemistry Symbol Game
Science Safety Rules
Current Event Template
Automatic Ice Cream Scooper Project
Edible Atom Project
Physical Science Tools (Quiz on Wednesday Sept. 15th)

Useful Links

Flying Cars: Not so far off in the future
Amusement Park Physics l Africa Live l Science Magazine l Auroras in the Sky l Cornstarch and Water: Is it a Liquid or a Solid? l Little Shop of Physics
l Optical Illusions l Roller Coaster Madness l Voice Oscilloscope l Games and Puzzles l Sandlot Science Optical Illusions

Check out the Halloween Page. There are some great links and a free game to play!

Click Here For The Mars 2112 Assignment

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