Wallace de Gaultier

He wasn’t into show like a lot of the old ones, in fact, in dark jeans, scuffed boots, and dark teeshirt, he could have just walked off the street. He was a little shorter than six feet, with an angular face, sharp chin, high cheeks, the deepest blue eyes and curly, platinum blond hair cut so short, the curls were barely noticeable. The hair mismatched the dark eyebrows and lashes. He had a voice that was best suited for the maniacal laughs the bad guys give on corny television. And that wasn’t too far from the truth.
Wallace de Gaultier, English Underlord specialising in colourful diplomacy and quick muscle work. He worked mainly for the Court Lord Armand Silvestri and was always kept on a relatively short leash due to his tendency to be fiercely indipendant and taking many matters into his own hands...this also gets him into a fair bit of trouble of which he can't always bail himself out of.
"Isn't it wonderful how we can sniff each other's butts to figure out who's who?"