Sure, they're dead, they drink blood and are allergic to getting a tan, but that doesn't meant they're a joke. In fact, they are quite dangerous. Granted, they do have fangs, they are dead and they do drink blood, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are just that. Sunlight is fatal at midday and a couple of hours either side. Wood is fatal if you care to jam a stake into their heart or head. Silver forces them to heal very slowly. They need blood every couple of nights. When a vampire dies, it incinerates into soot. They can capture someone's will with their eyes. They are abnormally fast and strong. Lastly, they cannot enter an 'active' church, that is a church that is still being used, just as a crucifix won't keep a vampire at by, but it will stop them from ripping out your throat. For a while, at least. To understand their motives you have to understand their society.

As the name inmplies, numerous and mostly harmless, like a cockraoch. They are usually the weak and new undead, errand runners etc. and activities are confined to those hours between duck and dawn.
These are the ones that keep the cockroaches in line. They generally are somewhere between one and three hundres years old and have their sights set on working their way up the chain of command. Who would like to be stuck looking after cockroaches forever?
These ones are the nasty ones. They range from three hundred years upwards. They control the Underlords and cockroaches. They are the ones that usually become Keeper.
Court Lords
Fortunately, there are only eleven of these and they make up the vampires ruling body-the Court of Lords. They are usually five hundred years upward and are the most powerful vampires in the world. In turn, this hierarchy is controlled by the High Lord of the Court, the most powerful vampire in the world.
Keeper of the City
As the name suggests, the Keeper of the City does exactly that, keeps a city. This vampires is in charge of what goes on, not only with its own species, but every other supernatural being within the city.