Sebastian Van Der Beck

The man himself was like a character right off a page from history. He stood off to one side, his instrument under his chin, eyes closed, oblivious to everything save the music. He was a tall, slender man. He managed to look incredibly delicate yet masculine at the same time. Like a fine, antique porelain doll that would break if you touched it wrong. His hair was honey gold and fell in frothing curls about his face and shoulders. His face was lovely, blank like a dolls. He had delicate bones, smooth cheeks, straight nose and lips sculpted to mouth-curling perfection. His lashes formed two dark crescents on his creamy skin. Tonight he wore a navy frock coat with a pale blue waistcoat, black pants tucked into knee high black leather boots and a white shirt that had stiff cuffs and a high stiff collar that ended under his chin. The shirt was fastened not with a tie, but a lacy cravat. The cravat win turn was pierced by a pin with an amethyst shaped like a rose. He had a voice like a shadow, dark and almost solid enough to touch. And like a shadow, it could play over you skin or slither into darkness. He had an accent flavouring his voice, he had a tendency to roll his rís, turning his voice into kind of a purr.
Sebastian loves to keep secrets, such as what he used to do when he was human, how he became a vampire and what secrets he does know. He is a true politician, knowing all the laws by heart, and the loopholes, exploiting those shamelessly. Hi is one of the few undead with some sort of sense of humour, this earing him the nickname of the Jester. He also is an exquisite violinist, perhaps a remnant of his human days.
"What kind of vampire would I be is I made life easy for the hunters?"