Travel Guide to the Supernatural

Most of the trouble in the world centers around powerful spiritual nexes, places where preternatural events and beigns gravitate toward. One is the Bermuda Triangle, off the east coast of the United States. There are two cities that are unfortunately situated on top of the two largest land based spiritaul nexes; Darling Cove in the United Kingdom and Pinneton in the United States.

Darling Cove is the largest of the two. It has a crime rate that rivals London and a preternatural polutation that puts the country's captial to shame. This city is a pleasant mixture of Gothic style buildings and modern skyscrapers. It also happens to be the home base for the vamprie Court of Lords. There are up to five of them in Darling Cove at any one time. Every now and then, all eleven come together for various reasons, such as the slave auction of a hunter or the prostigious Night of Challenge, where vampires vie for the chance of a promotion to Lordship.

Places to visit:
St Michael's Church
The Masquerade
The Cave
The Slaughterhouse District
The Cemetery

Pinneton is a relatively small city that is rather affectionately known as a 'rat hole' by most people. It is ugly with a high crime rate and a high number of preternatural citizens. It is the second home of the Court and often has three or so in residence at any one time. One thing that Pinneton has that makes it unique is the Necropolis hidden beneath its streets.

Places to visit:
The Crown of Thorns
The Gilded Lily
Jacobson Station
The Necropolis
Mercy Hospital