The Cave

It was aptly named the Cave because that was what it was; a large cave in the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. There were glass doors leading through the foyer, then a stairway lined with red carpet down to another set of glass doors. Through there was the dining area. The floor was polished rock, great crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling and lights lined the walls. In addition to those, candelabras and candles were in every conceivable gap or nook on the rough walls. A string quartet sat in one bright corner, opposite them two long banquet tables lined with hors-d’œuvres and other snack foods. At the end of the massive room was a huge window, large enough to be a wall, that overlooked the sea. All in all, the effect was quite spectacular.
As nice a restaurant and function centre as it may be, the Cave hides a sinister secret; a vampire nest.
Behind the pretty stone there is a rabbit warren of halls and rooms that lead to nowhere and in circles, clearly not build for human habitation and easy to get lost unless you know where you are going. This is where most of the vampires make their home base and the place that most of the Court Lords stay, unless they have an alternate residence within the city.

Travel Guide to the Supernatural