Harmony Carlisle

Court Lord
She was as a vampire should be; her long blond hair fell loose down her back, her creamy skin and white dress a sharp contrast to it and the black choker at her throat. She looked at me with solid brown eyes that might have been sweet once, like the rest of her, only now they were as dead as the rest of the walking corpse. Her full lips curved up in a smile as she came to a stop a step below Sebastian and she gazed down at the rest of us on the floor. She seemed very good at looking down at people. Her voice was low and husky; a perpetual bedroom voice, enough to have men melting in their shoes. She simply oozed things that could be done in the dark, be they sexual or homicidal or even both.
There is a reason as to why the Court Lords refer to Harmony as Madamoiselle Morte and it has to do with the fact that she is not fussy as to how, why or where she kills someone. She doesn’t care if she leaves a trail of bodies in her wake, nor if she creeps around unnoticed. She can control and manipulate shadows to do her bidding, not a common talent amongst the undead.
"If I played by the rules, I would never get to be on top,"