Gerard Angelou

Court Lord
He was tall, slender and icily handsome. His hair was a glossy black mane, falling like liquid over his shoulders. It was hard to tell where his hair ended and his silk clothes began. This was contrasted by creamy skin, ice blue eyes and set off with a wide, sensuos mouth. His shirt was black and silk, as was his waistcoat. The latter had fine, intricate gold embroidery gleaming in the light. His jacket, pants and shoes were also an immaculate black. He was like a cold, inky spot. His mouth curled up in a catty, smug smile, and he surveyed everything with those heavily lidded, ice blue eyes. His voice was low and cool, like ice sliding down your spine.
Gerard is known as Jack Frost or the King of Cryptic for his icy cold demeanor and his passion for mind games. He also is notoriously neautral in many delicate politics and has a tendency to try and make things even worse. In life, he was a witch, Black Gauntlet, so in a sense, he always has been one of the 'bad' guys. He was sired by Harmony Carlisle in 1286. To put it simply, Gerard isn't a character you would want to meet in a dark alley.
"Like God, I move in mysterious ways."