Nicholas Calahan

High Lord of the Court
As far as vampires were concerned, this one looked quite ordinary. When most think of vampires, they think of Dracula, or a vampire very close to it, like Quin. This one was nothing like that. He was around five something, short, had honey brown hair, pale skin, no striking features other than his eyes. They were a brilliant emerald green.
Despite ordinary appearances, Calahan has seen around two thousand years of life upon earth. He is the oldest and most powerful vampire in the world. He controls the Court of Lords with an iron fist, things either go his way or to hell, of which there is little distinction between the two. He also likes to single out hunters every now and then and paly around with them till he gets bored, then kills them and their entire family. This little game backfired seriously when he called in on one William Myers and let, by choice, his youngest daughter Cathrin live.
"Twenty years so soon? My time flies when you are tormenting someone."