Edward Andrews

Court Lord
His skin was ghostly pale, more like a marble white, his silver-blond hair hung straight to his shoulders. His mouth was a thin, cruel line. He almost seemed albino, save for his eyes. They were a deep, mignight blue. Those eyes studies everyhting intensely, his gaze almost a physical touch. His voice was like broken marble, hard, cold, grating. He liked to make a show of his fangs. He had no illusions about being a monster, positively revelling in it instead of hiding it.
Edward Andrews is one of the meanest and crule of all the vampires. And one of the most insane. He chose to sire Quin becasuse he hated him. He loves to hate and loves to be hated, which is why he kept the war going between himself and his child for over nine hundred years. At over a thousand years old, he makes a formiddable enemy; fo rhis power, ruthlessness, patience and ability to hold a grudge for a very, very long time.
"Stop your blubbering, it's not like you have lost any major organs or limbs."