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Ana Sayfa
Askeri Gucler



Achak - One of Ctuckik's assumed names

Adana - Wife of Darel and mother of Garel I

Adara -
Garion's Cousin. Married to Prince Hettar. Mother of many children. Youngest daughter of Ildera's sister

Adara's Rose - A rose that Garion created. Healed Kal Zakath when he was poisoned.

Ad Rak Cthoros - King of the Murgos at the time of Torak's invasion.

Agga - A Murgo at the time of Cherek I

Agrinja - Devil spirit of the Wolf Clan. Fake

Alara - Wife of Darral and mother of Geran V

Albor - Colonel of the 83rd legion of Tolnedra. A Horbite

Aldorigen I - Duke of Mimbre at the time of Torak's invasion.

Aldur - God of Belgarath and his family. Oldest of UL's sons. Had seven disciples in the begining: Belgarath, Belzedar, Belmakor, Belsambar, Beltira, Belkira and Beldin.

Algar - First King of Algaria. Son of Cherek I. Brother of Dras and Riva. Otherwise known as Fleet-Foot.

Algroth - A monster that inhabits Ulgoland. Distantly related to trolls. A scaly, goat faced ape. Has poisonous claws

Alleran - Kathandrion I's son

Alnana - Davon's wife and mother of Alten

Alnik - Owner of a tanner shop which Davon bought.

Alreg - King of Cherek in the 3100s

Alten - son of Davon and Alnana. Made Fur Clothes. Husband of Ellette. Father of Geran II

Altor - A Rivan Baron at the time of Daran I

Ambar of Kotu - One of Silk's assumed names

Anclasin - A Mimbrate who was one of Polgara's Champions

Andorig - A Mimbrate Knight that looks after Belgarath's apple tree in the city of Vo Mimbre

Andrion - Duke of Wacune at the time of Ontrose

Anhelda - Faldor's daughter. Married to Eilbrig

Annath - A village in eastern Sendaria where Garion was born. Not on map

Anrak - Cousin of Cherek I's sons (Dras, Algar, Riva)

Aravina - Wife of Garel and mother of Gelane

Arell - A dress maker on the Isle of the Winds. Also a cook and a physician. Taught Polgara everything she knew. Created Beldaran's wedding dress and delivered her child Daran.

Arell - Niece of Brand, duaghter of his youngest sister. Rivan noblewoman. Killed in assassination attempt on Ce'Nedra.

Aren - Wife of the Brand at the time of Torak's invasion.

Arendish fair - a fair held in central Arendia. Goes all year round

Argak - A Rivan herbalist who lived about the time of Riva I. Taught Polgara

Ariana - Younger sister of Oltorain and wife of Lelldorin. A physician

Ashabine Orcales - Torak's Prophecy. A trascript of what Torak said when he spoke the voice of prophecy.

Asharak of Rak Goska - One of Chamdar's assumed names

Asrana - An Asturian Countess. Married Mandorin I.

Athal - A Nyissan drug

Atesca - Zakath's highest military general

Athan - A Wacite Baron at the fall of Vo Wacune

Athsat - A Nyissan poison that only works when the victim is excited.

Ayalla - A Nadrak dancer. She belonged to a Nadrak named Kablek


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Balten - A Rivan barber who lived about the time of Riva I. He taught Polgara about surgery.

Barak - Husband of Merel. Father of Unrak. The Dreadful Bear. Earl of Trellheim. Father of Gundred and Terzie

Barl - The blacksmith who tought Durnik

Baron - A horse that Polgara bought in Camaar after she left the Isle of the Winds.

Bledik Wharf - A wharf in the city of Darine

Belar - Bear God of the Alorns. Youngest of the Gods

Belgarion - Husband of Ce'Nedra. Father of Geran V and Beldaran II. The Godslayer. King of Riva. Overlord of the West. Lord of the Western seas.

Beldaran I - Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra. Twin sister of Polgara. Wife of Riva I. Mother of Daran. The first Queen of Riva

Beldaran II - Daughter of Garion and Ce'nedra. Sister to Geran V. A Rivan Princess.

Beldin - Formerly known as Din. A deformed man. Aldur's Seventh disciple. Husband of Vella. Favourite form is a blue banded hawk.

Belgarath - Ancient and Beloved. Aldur's first Disciple. Most powerful Sorcerer in the world. Husband of Poledra. Father of Polgara and Beldaran. Brother of Beldin, Beltira, Belkira, Belmakor, Belsambar and Belzedar. Born in the village of Gara. Otherwise known as 'Old Wolf'.

Belkira - One of Aldur's disciples. An Alorn. Twin brother of Beltira.

Beln - A Wacite surf at the fall of Vo Wacune

Belmakor - One of Aldur's disciples. A Melcene. Willed himself out of existence.

Belsambar - One of Aldur's disciples. An Angarak. Willed himself out of existence.

Beltira - One of Aldur's disciples. An Alorn. Twin brother of Belkira.

Belzedar - Originally one of Aldur's disciples, but changed Gods to Torak. Then became known as Zedar or The Apostate. Currently inprisoned in the rock under Cthol Mishrak.

Beridel - A Mimbrate Knight. Son of Sir Andorig, and the future Baron of Vo Enderig.

Besher - A Nadrak gold hunter

Bethra - A former Hunter. Drasnian

Berentain - Torasin's cousin.

Bledar - King of Cherek at the time of Rhonar

Boktor - The capital of Drasnia

Bormik - The Darine Prophet. Father of Luana

Borrolane - Successor of Corrolin I

Bowser - A dog belonging to an Alorn who lived about the time of Riva I

Braca - A village on the Mrin River where the Mrin Prophet was kennelled

Brador, Count - Tolnedran Ambassador at Sendar

Bralon - Eldest son of the previous Brand.

Brand - The title given to the Rivan Warder

Brasa - An Ulgo who commanded the Gorim's forces during Torak's invasion

Breldo - A former famhand at Faldor's farm. Moved away when he got married

Brendig - A Sendarian Colonel. One of Fulrach's closest advisers. A Baronet

Brill - The name assumed by Kordoch when he started his hunt for Garion and his companions

Burl - The blacksmith Durnik was apprenticed to.

Butter - An Ox belonging to a man in Muros


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Ce'Lanne - Ce'Nedra's great grandmother

Ce'Nedra - Queen of Riva. Wife of Garion. Mother of Geran V and Beldaran II. Daughter of Ran Borune XXIII. The Queen of the World

Ce'Vanne - Ce'Nedra's mother

Cellan - Altor's daughter

Cerran - Ran Borune's General at the time of Torak's invasion.

Chaldan - Bull God of the Arends

Chamdar - Ctuchik's underling. Spent centuries attempting to destroy the Rivan line. Killed Garion's parents, so Garion killed him

Cherek I - The last King of Aloria. His Kingdom was split and he then became the first King of Cherek. Otherwise known as Bear-Shoulders. Father of Dras, Algar and Riva.

Cherek II - Son of Daran I and Larana. Third King of Riva

Cho-Dan - King of Algaria at the time of Rhonar

Cho-Dorn - King of Algaria in the yar 3827

Cho-Hag - Cheif of the Clan-Chiefs of Algaria (King of Algaria). Has an adopted son, Hettar. Is a cripple. Married to Silar.

Cho Ram - King of Algaria at the time of Gorek

Cho-Ram XIV - King of Algaria at the time of Torak's invasion.

Corrolin I - Duke of Mimbre at the time of Kathandrion I

Cralto - A farm hand at Faldor's farm

Crooked Jaw - A fish at Emgaard

Cthrek Goru - Torak's black sword

Ctuckik - Torak's disciple. Lived in Rak chtol. Killed himself when he tried to destroy Aldurīs Orb.


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Dancer - A fish at Emgaard

Daran I - son of Riva and Beldaran I. Husband of Larana and the second King of Riva. Father of Cherek II

Daran II - Son of Silar and Gariel. Was a horse herder and a Sha-Dar. Husband of Selara and father of Geran III

Darel - Son of Geran III. Was a blacksmith. Husband of Adana and father of Garel I

Dariel - A Descendant of Khelan. Invented a saw mill.

Darion I - Cabinet maker and then wood carver. Husband of Selana. Descendant of Geran II. Father of Khelan

Darion II - Son Geran IV. Husband of Esena and father of Darral

Darral - Son of Darion II and Esena. Husband of Alara and father of Geran V

Davon - Son of Geran I and Eldara. A Tanner. Husband of Alnana and father of Alten

Davoul The Lame - Arendish poet at the time of Torak's invasion.

Delban - Master armourer at Riva

Dellon - The first Borune to marry a Dryad. Married Xoria

Delvor - A Drasnian spy at the Arendish fair.

Derigen - A Mimbrate Baron

Detton - An arendish serf who fought in the battle of Thull Mardu

Donia - A maid at the Lion Inn in Camaar

Doroon - One of Garion's friends from Faldor's farm. Was killed in the battle of Thull Mardu

Dras - First King of Drasnia. Brother of Algar and Riva. Son of Cherek I. Otherwise known as Bull-Neck

Dravor, Count - A Tolnedran who was drugged by Y'diss, so that Salmissra could get agents into Tolnedra

Droblek - Drasnian in charge of the Drasnian enclave in Nyissa

Drosta Lek Thun - The King of the Nadraks

Durnik - A Sendarian blacksmith. The Man With Two Lives. Was Apprenticed to Burl. Husband of Polgara and a Disciple of Aldur


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Eilbrig - Anhelda's husband. A minor functionary in a commercial house in Sendar

Elbrik - Cherek Earl who looted Darine in the 3100s

Eldallan - Duke of Asturia at the time of Torak's invasion. Killed in a duel where both he and Aldorigen I died.

Eldara - Geran I's wife. Daughter or Hattan.

Eldrakyn - Monsters which inhabit Ulgoland. Distantly related to trolls, but much bigger and smarter

Eldrig - King of Cherek at the time of Torak's invasion.

Elgon - A Tolnedran who hired Kragger ot kill Lembor

Elgon - An Asturian patriot.

Elgon's Tor - A rocky place in Arendia which Elgon held for a month against a mimbrate army.

Elisera - Kathandrion I's wife.

Ellette - Alten's wife.

Elna - A woman who lived in Annath

Elteg - A one eyed Cherek sailor.

Elvar - Priest of Belar at Cho-Hag's court.

Elthek - The Rivan Deacon at the time of Riva I. Was a bear cultist.

Elvar - Archpriest of Algaria. A bear cultist.

Emgaard - A Cherek Village in the Cherek mountains. Not on the map.

Enalla - Wife of Gelane. Mother of Garel II

Enasian - Duke of Mimbre in the year 2710

Enna - A Kitchen hand at Faldor's farm

Eriond - First known as Errand, became a god and took over after Torak. Raised by Belzedar and Polgara & Durnik.

Esena - Darion II's wife and mother of Darral

Essia - One of Salmissra's men that she used for amusements

Eyana - A Nadrak Dancer. She belonged to Rasak


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Falben - King of Sendaria at the time of Geran I

Faldor - Owns the farm where Garion grew up

Farnstal - A local from the village of Annath

Fenlings - Creatures of the fens. Given the ability to talk by Belgarath

Fennel Lane - A street in the village of Upper Gralt

Ferdish - A Wacite bandit at the time of Daran I

Ferna - Daughter of Layla and Fulrach

Fulrach - Current King of Sendaria

Fundor - First King of Sendaria


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Gadon - A Murgo - Dagashi - that stirs up trouble in Asturia in 2300s

Gallak - Polgara's owner when she was in Gar Og Nadrak

Gannik - A Drasnian boat owner at the time of Dras

Garel I - Son of Adara and Darel. Husband of Aravina and father of Gelane

Garel II - Son of Gelane and Enalla. Husband of Merel

Garhein - Rivan Baron at the time of Daran I

Gariel - A descendant of Dariel, husband of Silar and father of Daran II

Garion - Husband of Ce'Nedra. Father of Geran VI and Beldaran II. The Godslayer. King of Riva. Overlord of the West. Lord of the Western seas. Father of Geran V and Beldaran II

Garteon I - The first of the Orimans, was Duke of Asturia

Garteon II - Son of Garteon I, was Duke of Asturia

Garteon III - Son of Garteon II, Duke of Asturia at the time of Duke Andrion I of Wacune

Gelane - Son of Garel and Aravina. Was a barrel maker. Husband of Enalla. Father of Garel II

Gelda - Daughter of Layla and Fulrach

Geldahar - A Drasnian fur trader in Boktor

Geller - One of Count Oldon's soldiers

Geran I - Gorek's grandson. Took up cattle herding. Husband of Eldara. Father of Davon

Geran II - Son of Alten and Ellette. Was a Physician. Father of one son and four daughters

Geran III - Son of Daran I and Selara. Was a horse herder. Father of Darel

Geran IV - A descendant of Garel II

Geran V - Son of Darral and Alara. Father of Garion and husband of Ildera

Gethel Mardu - King of the Thulls at the time of Torak's invasion

Gethell Mardu - King of the Thulls at the time of the battle of Thull Mardu

Gonerion - Duke of Wacune in the year 2710

Gorek - Rivan King in 4002. Was murdered by Nyissans. Geran I's Grandfather

Gorim - The name of the one who first sought out UL. It is now the title of every successive leader of the Ulgos. Relg and Taiba birthed a son who later became Gorim

Grachik - A Murgo at the time of Silk

Grashor - A Nadrak merchant who worked for Asharak

'Grat - Grul's name for Belgarath.

Gredder - A Nadrak fur trader. Killed by Morindim

Greldik - Barak's cousin. A Cherek sailor.

Grettan - Father of Ildera, chief of his Clan. An Algar

Grinneg - Cherek Ambassador in Tol Honeth

Grodeg - High Priest of Belar. Crippled and suffers from brain damage.

Grul - An Eldrak who inhabited a valley in Ulgoland. Was killed by Garion and his companions.

Gundred - Barak's eldest daughter


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Halbren - A General, and Polgara's second in command behind Ontrose

Haldan - A Murgo that disguised as a Tolnedran to stir up trouble in Wacune in the 2300s. Real name is Krachak and is a Dagashi

Haldor - A Vorduvian

Haldoran - A Mimbrate Knight. Mandorallen's third cousin, twice removed.

Hattan - Husband of Layna and father of Eldara

Hatturk - A local clan chief in Darine at the time of the Darine prophet.. Was a bear cultist.

Helbergin - Mimbrate Knight

Hettar - Adopted son of Cho-Hag and Silar. His parents were killed by Murgos. Is a Sha-Dar. The Horse Lord. Husband of Adara. Next King of Algaria

High Jumper - A fish at Emgaard

Horban - Tolnedran emissiary sent to Prolgu

Horja - Devil spirit of the weasel clan

Hrulgin - Horse type monsters that inhabit Ulgoland. Carnivores with fangs and claws

Hunter - The title given to elite spies. There is only ever one Hunter at a time

Hurtal - Hattan's descendant, was an Algarian Clan Chief


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Ildera - Wife of Geran V and mother of Garion. An Algar. Daughter of Grettan and Olane

Illessa - The real name of the Salmissra who was duped by Zedar into killing Gorek

Islena - Wife of King Anheg of Cherek. Queen of Cherek.

Issa - Snake God of the Nyissans.

Issus - A one eyed Nyissan assassin


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Jaharb - Dagashi Chief Elder of Mount Kahsha.

Jarok - A Rivan Earl at the time of Daran I

Jarvik - Earl of Jarvik

Javelin - Nickname of Margrave Khendon

Jeebers - Formerly Ce'Nedra's teacher. Now holds the position of librarian in the Imperial Library in Tol Honeth.

Joran - Apprentice to Torgan. Made a glass wren for Polgara


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Kablek - A Nadrak fur trader at the time of Davon

Kadon - A Murgo that tried to stir up trouble in Mimbre in the 2300s

Kador - Grand Duke of Vordue. Was running for Emperor before he was executed after kidnapping Ce'Nedra

Kail - The current Brand. Brother to Bralon and Olban

Kal Torak - One of Torak's assumed names. Kal means King and God

Kallath - An Angarak who united Mallorea before Torak's invasion

Kalvor - Tolnedran Grand High Merchant from Tol Horb

Kamion - The First Rivan Warder. Then became known as Brand.

Kanallan - Duke of Asturia in the year 2710

Karak - son of Garhein

Kathandrion I - A Duke of Wacune

Kathandrion II - son of Mayasarell and Alleran I

Keldiss - A Nyissan drug

Khadon - A Drasnian who lived at the time of Dras. He taught Polgara the secret language.

Khalon - Drasnian merchant at the time of Geran I

Khadar - Son of Dras I

Khalan - A King of Drasnia. Son of Rhodar II

Khaldan - One of Silk's ancestors

Khanar - Prince. Nephew of King Rhalan.

Kharel -A Drasnian Count. Works in the intelligence service

Khelan - Son of Darion I and Selana. Was a ship builder

Kheldar - Drasnian Prince. Nephew of Rhodar III. Husband of Margravine Lisselle

Khendon - Margrave. Chief of Drasnian Intelligence Service. Uncle of Margravine Lisselle

Kheral - Drasnian Ambassador at Tol Honeth at the time of Olgon

Kheran - A Drasnian Margrave. Spies at Maragor gold hunting camps

Kheva - King of Drasnia. Son of Rhodar III and Porenn.

Khonar - Hunter at the time of Garion's birth

Killane I - Polgar's first Seneschal.

Killaneson, Malon - Polgara's seneschal at the time of Ontrose.

Killaneson, Rana - younger sister of Killane I

Knapp - Tavern owner in Annath

Kordoch - A Dagashi. One of Ctuchik's underlings. Otherwise known as Brill. Killed by Silk at Rak Cthol

Korrodullin I - Son of Aldorigen and later the first official King of Arendia. Husband of Mayaserana I

Korzeth - Kallath's Grandson. An Emporer of Mallorea

Kragger - hired by Elgon as a bodyguard. Killed Lembor

Krendig - A Cherek ship builder in Val Alorn. Built Barak's ship.

Kroldor - A Sendarian gold hunter on the North edge of Maragor


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Lady - An Algar Horse that first took Polgara to Arendia in the year 2312

Lageron - A Wacite baron in the Duchy of Erat

Lammer - An Asturian archer who killed Gadon

Lammer - An arendish serf who fought in the battle of Thull Mardu

Larana - Wife of Daran and the second Queen of Riva. Mother of Cherek II

Lathan - One of Ontrose's friends

Layla - Fulrach's wife. Queen of Sendaria.

Layna - Hattan's wife and mother of Eldera.

Lelldorin - An Asturian. Will be the next baron of Wildantor. Married to Ariana.

Lembor - Tolnedran who was murdered in a small town due to the succession

Lendrin - A Duke of Asturia. 2560.

Lion Inn - The finest Inn in Camaar

Lisselle - Drasnian Margravine. Wife of Prince Kheldar. Neice of Margrave Khendon

Luana - Bormik's daughter


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Maas - A snake at the palace in Sthiss Tor. Died when it touched Garion's medallion.

Maidee - A Cherek girl.

Mal Zeth - The capital of Mallorea

Mara - God of the Marags.

Mar Amon - The capital of Maragor, haunted before Taiba was found

Martje - Old hag that used to loiter around the temple of Belar in Val Alorn. Was blind and could see the future. Polgara gave back her sight and took away her ability to see the future.

Mandor - Baron of Vo Mandor at the time of Torak's invasion.

Mandorallen - Baron of Vo Mandor. Husband of Baroness Nerina. The Knight Protector.

Mandorathan - Baron of Mandor in the year 2710 and one of Polgara's Champions

Mandorin I - Baron of Vo Mandor at the time of Kathandrion I. Married Asrana

Mangaran - An Earl in Asturia at the time of Oldoran

Mayaserana I - Eldallan's daughter and later the first official Queen of Arendia. Wife of Korrodullin I

Mayasarell - Alleran I's wife

Meldig - Layla's youngest child. A prince of Sendaria.

Melgon - A Count. Tolnedran Ambassador to Sthiss Tor.

Merel - Garel II's wife.

Merel - Barak's wife. Mother of Unrak

Mergon - Tolnedran ambassador at the time of Torak's invasion.

Merot - A Rivan Poet.

Merlo - A stonecutter from Annath

Mildrin - Owner of a farm near Faldor's

Mingan - A merhant in Darine

Morathan - Duke of Mimbre at the time of Duke Andrion I of Wacune

Morin - Ran Borune's chamberlain

Mrin Codex - A transcript of what the Mrin Prophet said.

Mrin Prophet - A mentally disabled man that was the vessel for the voice of prophecy. Was kennelled in the village of Braca

Mulger - A Drasnian merchant who accompanied Silk, Garion and Belgarath to Gar Og Nadrak on the way to their meeting with Torak


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Nachak - A Murgo who gave Torasin and Lelldorin a plan to kill King Korrodullin. One of Ctuchik's underlings. Killed by Hettar.

Nahaz - A Demon Lord. Called by Mengha. Killed by Durnik.

Nala - The old cook at Faldor's farm before Polgara came

Nanteron - A Wacite Duke of Wacune. 2560.

Naradas - A Grolim. Henchman of Zandramas. Has white eyes.

Nedra - God of the Tolnedrans

Nerasin - Nephew of Oldoran

Nerina - Wife of Mandorallen. Former wife of another Mimbrate Baron.

Nilden - A Sendarian Count. Chief Butler of Fulrach's household

Noble - A white horse that Cho-Hag gave to Ce'Nedra


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Obor - A Mad monk from Mar Terrin who was healed by Garion

Olane - Mother of Ildera. Wife of Grettan

Olban - Youngest son of the previous Brand. Was killed at the battle of Thull Mardu

Olburton - Mangarin's nephew.

Oldon - A Tolnedran Count that was involved in a scheme of Chtuchik's scheme to stir up trouble in Arendia

Old Twister - A fish at Emgaard

Oldoran - Duke of Asturia at the time of Kathandrion I

Oldrik - Earl of Muros at the time of Geran I

Olgon - A Tolnedran who was an agent for Asharak

Oltorain - A Mimbrate Baron

Ontrose - A Wacite. One of Polgara's Champions and also Polgara's lover until his death. Died at the fall of Vo Wacune.

Oret - A Nyissan potion that induces truth telling

Oriman - A family which came into power in Asturia

Ormik - King of Sendaria at the time of Torak's invasion.

Osrig - A barrel maker, sold his business to Gelane


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Pelath - High Priest of Eriond. Former Grolim.

Pelera - One of Polgara's assumed names

Podiss - Nyissan Ambassador at the time of Torak's invasion.

Polanna - Polgara's Nadrak name

Poledra - Wife of Belgarath. Mother of Polgara and Beldaran I. The woman who watches.

Polgara - Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra. Twin sister of Beldaran I. Duchess of Erat. Wife of Durnik. Mother of two twin boys. Protector of the Rivan line. Daughter of Ancient and Beloved

Polina - A name Polgara chose when she went undercover as Mandorin's niece.

Poppi - One of Vordai's fenlings. Female. In love with Tupik

Porenn - Wife of Rhodar III and mother of King Kheva

Prala - A Cthan Princess. Wife of Urgit. Murgo.

Prolgu - The city of the Ulgos. Means "Holy Place" in the old tongue


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Riva I - Son of Cherek I. Iron Grip. The first Rivan King. Husband of Beldaran I. Father of Daran I. Brother of Dras and Algar

Rabbas - was hired by Lembor as a bodyguard

Rablek - A Nadrak Gold Hunter. Yarblek's ancestor

Radan - A Honethite.

Radek - King of Drasnia at the time of Gorek

Radek of Boktor - One of Silk's assumed names

Rak Urga - The capital of Chtol Murgos

Ralas - One of Count Oldon's soldiers

Ran Borune I - An Emperor of Tolnedra. Ascended Imperial Throne 2537. Stopped Cherek's rading Tolnedran coast by starting legions building roads. Started Borune dynasty. Succeeded Vorduvian dynasty. Was short.

Ran Borune XXIII - An Emperor of Tolnedra. Father of Ce'Nedra. Husband of Ce'Vanne. prone to fits.

Ran Horb I - An Emperor of Tolnedra. Began Horbite Dynasty in 3761. Succeeded Ran Borune XII.

Ran Horb II - An Emperor of Tolnedra. Arranged for beginning of Sendarian Monarchy in 3827. Concluded a peace treaty with Mimbrate Arends, in 3821, which led to the destruction of Vo Astur in 3822.

Ran Vordue I - An Emperor of Tolnedra. Ordered legions into Maragor in 2115.

Rasak - A Nadrak fur trader. Owner of Eyana. One of Gallak's competitors in trade

Rashag - A Murgo at the time of Cherek I

Reldegin - An Asturian Count. Uncle of Lelldorin.

Reldo - A Tolnedra Gold Hunter in Maragor

Reldon - A name Ce'Nedra gave for her father when she and Jeebers were escaping from Tol Honeth

Relg - Husband of Taiba. Father of Gorim. The Blind man. An Ulgo Zealot. A diviner (can walk through walls)

Rennig - Son of the Brand who struck down Torak. Later became a Brand

Rhalan - King of Drasnia in the 3700s

Rhodar I - King of Drasnia at the time of Torak's invasion.

Rhodar II - Son of King Khalan, and a King of Drasnia

Rhodar III - A King of Drasnia. Husband of Porenn and father of King Kheva

Rhonar - A King of Drasnia

Rock Wolf - Wolf like things which inhabit Ulgoland. Scavengers

Rundorig - Garion's friend at Faldor's farm. An Arend. Two years older than Garion. Married Zubrette


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Sadi - Chief Eunuch at Salmissra's palace in Sthiss Tor

Salereon - A Duke of Mimbre

Salheim - A Rivan bonesetter who lived about the time of Riva I. Taught Polgara. Was actually a blacksmith.

Salmissra - The queen over Nyissa. Lives in a palace in Sthiss Tor. Salmissra was once a woman, but after kidnapping Garion, Polgara transformed her into a snake.

Saress - A Nyissan-looking Dagashi

Selara - An Algar. Wife of Daran II and mother of Geran III

Selana - Darion I's wife. Mother of Khelan

Seline - Earl of Seline, in Sendaria.

Selt - A Wacite bandit at the time of Daran I

Sharell - A name Ce'Nedra assumed when she and Jeebers were escaping from Tol Honeth

Shelt - A Wacite that renovated Polgara's town house in Vo Wacune.

Sthiss Thor - The capital of Nyissa

Silar - Wife of Gariel and mother of Daran II. She was an Algar

Silar - Wife of Cho-Hag

Silk - Nickname for Prince Kheldar

Stilnan - Baron. Falben's treasurer.

Strag - A man who worked for Olgon

Squire - A horse Polgara bought to carry her and Geran I to the Vale


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Taiba - Mother of the Race That Died. A Marag. Wife of Relg. Mother of Gorim.

Talvar - Khonar's chief agent at the Arendish fair

Tarlek - A Nadrak gold hunter in Maragor. Was killed by Kordoch

Tarn of Cthok - remnants of the inland sea in central Cthol Murgos. Contains a lot of sulfur

Tashor - One of Vella's owners

Taygon - A Rivan Warrior at the time of Riva I. Suitor of Polgara at Beldaran's wedding.

Tekk - A Nadrak fur trader who wanted to buy Vella

Terzie - Barak's youngest daughter

Tol Honeth - The capital of Tolnedra

Torak - Dragon God of the Angaraks. Killed by Belgarion. Cracked the world with the Orb and was then maimed. Had 3 disciples: Ctuchik, Belzedar and Urvon.

Toral - Baron of Vo Toral. Sells his serfs to Nyissan slavers

Torandin - An Asturian Baron at the time of Mangaran and Asrana

Torasin - Son of Count Reldegen.

Torgan - Glass blower in Riva

Torgun - A Rivan Captain who lived at the time of Daran I

Torgun - an Alorn who was one of Polgara's Champions

Torvik - Anheg's chief huntsman

Toth- Mute who was Cyradis's companion while she was a Seeress.

Tupik - One of Vordai's fenlings. Male. In love with Poppi


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UL - Father of the Gods and God of the Ulgos

Unrak - Son of Barak and Merel

Urgit - King of the Murgos, not a son of Taur Urgas as you may believe, brother of prince Kheldar.

Urtag - Archpriest of the district of Camat. A Grolim

Urvon - One of Toraks 3 disciples. A Sorcerer


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Val Alorn - The capital of Cherek

Valcor - King of Cherek at the time of Gorek

Valgon - Tolnedran Ambassador at Riva

Vant - A Rivan Captain at the time of Gorek

Varana - A General of Tolnedra. The Duke of Anadile. Ran Borune XXIV, Emperor of Tolnedra

Vard - A Dal. Lives on the Isle of Verkat. Gave the Book of Ages to Belgarath.

Varn - A Nadrak gold hunter

Vasrana - A Mimbrate Countess. Offered to marry Garion in the court at Vo Mimbre

Vella - Beldin's wife. Formerly owned by Tashor and Yarblek

Velvet - Nickname of margravine Lisselle

Vo Mimbre - The capital of Arendia

Vordai - The witch of the fens. Mother to the fenlings.


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Weasel Clan - A Morind clan

Weldrik - A man who lived on Mildrin's farm. Was the oldest man in the district where Garion grew up

Wildantor - Baron of Wildantor at the time of Torak's invasion.

Wilg - A stone-cutter from Annath

Wolf Clan - The clan that Belgarath made up


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Xantha - Queen of the Dryads

Xalla - A Dryad

Xera - A Dryad. Daughter of Queen Xantha. Ce'Nedra's cousin

Xoria - A Dryad Princess. The first to marry into the Borune family. Wife of Dellon


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Yar Lek Thun - King of the Nadraks in 4875, at the time of Torak's invasion.

Yarblek - A Nadrak merchant. Silk's business partner. A former owner of Vella

Y'diss - Salmissra's agent in Tolnedra


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Zakath - Emperor of Mallorea. Husband of Cyradis. aka Kal 'Zakath, The Empty One.

Zandramaz - Grolim priestess who became the child of dark after Torak. Kidnapped Garion's son Geran. Died in a cave on the Korim Reef.

Zedar - Originally one of Aldur's disciples, but changed Gods to Torak. Then became known as Zedar or The Apostate. Currently inprisoned in the rock under Cthol Mishrak.

Zereel - Ran Borune's wizard.

Zith - Sadiīs snake, very dangerous and rare.

Zubrette - One of Garion's childhood friends. Married Rundorig