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There are many ways in which you can help to Bring Back Kirk. The most logical ways are of course, to subsribe to the BBK Newsletter and join the letter writing campaign.

However, let us not over-look each person's creativity. Cascading like a waterfall we have the ability to slip over the rim of the internet and reach far beyond the boundaries of normal space. Cyber space provides us with a greater understanding of each other, and an insight into our individual accomplishments and goals.

As more and more Bring Back Kirk Pages are forged onto the web of this new and unexplored frontier of space. It becomes Paramount's greatest challange. Continue to challenge them, and they will have no choice but to rise up to this challenge and answer it. Stay focused and rational, this forces them to do the same.

I will remain available for further consultation on this matter. I find this particular issue to be one of integrity. I am most interested in reaching a logical conclusion for both Earth and Paramount. You may reach me through the Vulcan Embassy, or through my emissary on Earth.


Good day. My name is Jan. I am the BBK's liaison between the Vulcan Ambassador and Paramount. Besides working closely with Captain Spock, it is my duty to keep the Ambassador informed of any new developements which may require his immediate personal attention. I also keep him apprised of any and all progress Earth makes on it's endeavor to bring Captain Kirk back to active duty.

I am also resposible for maintaining this Website as a form of public record. I also hope it will provide you with vital links which will help you make informed decisions, and entertain you at the same time. Through my office you can visit other Embassies, and several museums of sight and sound.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact me at the Vulcan Embassy in Illinois. On behalf of Captain Spock, and the Ambassador, I look forward to working with each of you. Together we can make a difference.

Earth Emissary
"I am pleased with your performance in this most recent incident.
"It was most kind of you to make this effort."
"It was no effort. You are my son.
Your shipmates are people of good character."
"They are my friends."
"Of course.
Have you a message for your mother?"
"Yes. Tell her, I feel fine."
Fater and Son

As Ambassador Sarek prepares to leave for Vulcan, we wish him a journey free of incident. Please continue to follow the links and you'll find some intriguing ways to become an active part of the BBK Movement or merely stay current on it's progress. Also keep in mind the many museums of Sight and Sound.
Remember too, that I am always available for consultation at the Vulcan Embassy in Illinois. You'll find a link to my office at the bottom of each page prior to reaching The Memorial Gardens.
But, whatever you decide to do,
to click on the picture of course...Logical!

The bold continue on
"Live long and prosper Father."
"Live long and prosper my son."