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you can help give life to an old friend.

Captain Kirk
Are you listening Rick Berman?
There are many Official Bring Back Kirk Sites as well as supporter sites like mine. Please visit the Official Bring Back Kirk Site From the U.K.

United Kingdom
Long Live Captain Kirk!
The many faces of Kirk have now become the many voices of the world. Also be sure to visit the Official German BBK Site. Yes, it's written in German.
The world has truly united to achive it's greatest dream...
To See Captain Kirk Once Again.

Germany" line
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Won't you join us today?

Join our letter writing campaign and tell Paramount how you feel, politely please. As many of you know we were also recommending E-Mail, but it is entirely to easy to hit the delete key. Far better to stuff their mailbox with letters that cannot be so easlily dismissed. Please send them to:
Jonathan L. Dolgen
Chairman of Viacom Entertainment Group
1515 Broadway
52nd Floor
New York, NY 10036-5794
"Uhura, break radio silence. Send a coded message to StarFleet Command. Advise them of our situation and see if they have any more information Concerning the TOS Phenomenon."

The Captain's Chair

"I'm having trouble getting through Captain. The com is extremely active. Conversations overlapping. It's almost like a jibberish. I'll see if I can clear it up."
"They appear to be reports on TOS sites."

More Star Trek
"Captain, I am receiving coordinates."
Special Emissary to Sarek
You may contact the Vulcan Embassy in Illinois from here.