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"It is agreeable to see you again."

Ambassador Sarek

"I have been contemplating the matter which stands before Paramount. It is most complex and has a rather high emotional content attached to it. Though I do not understand the emotions of the masses, it does seem clear that they do indeed exist. The feelings of anger and disappointment seem most prevalent in this matter. I can see only one logical alternative. Give them what they want. Bring Back Kirk!"


Loyal Officer

"I have looked back through his records. He is one of the most Decorated Officers in StarFleet History. Even you cannot deny his loyalty or the many sacrifices he has made: The death of his son, the loss of his ship, and for what?"

"For you, for me. He saved this planet from it's own short sightedness and the life of my son, Spock.

When he was reduced in rank from Admiral to Captain, your records state:

"That as a consequence of your new rank, you be given the duties for which you have repeatedly demonstrated unswerving ability...The Command of a Starship."
Thus came Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Though Kirk's methods may be questioned his loyalty to StarFleet cannot be. He is, by your own records, one of the best."



"My son, Spock, has asked that I speak on his behalf as well. Spock as you know, has served with Captain Kirk, for many years. His letter to me reads as follows:

I am not certain as to why there is a controvesry over Captain Kirk. As you know, he is more than just my shipmate...He is my friend. Though I do conclude and agree that his methods are sometimes illogical, I have also found them to be quite successful. His thoughts are always of the many, his actions for the many. I would at any time entrust my life to him. He is my Commanding Officer, and my friend.

Though I cannot fully understand friendship in the same way as my son, I have found Kirk to be a man of good character. And I cannot dispute the success of Kirk's long career with StarFleet."


There Is Only One Of Anything

"One of the greatest wonders in the universe, is the unique quality of all things. No two waterfalls will slip over the rim of the river in quite the same way. Yet, each will supply fresh water. While the scientific community cannot explain the complexity of every single waterfall, it does agree that they are all necessary to sustain life."

"In a way, that's what Kirk is to StarFleet, a waterfall of fresh ideas and experiences that are uniquely his. To deny this would be to deny ourselves and our own contributions to life. There can be only one logical solution to this matter and it is also the right one."

"I implore you to do, not only the logical thing, but the right thing as well...
Persistence prevails where laxness fails

When the news of great conflict reached me on Vulcan, I was asked by my son, Spock, to come and intervene on Kirk's behalf. This was no effort, he is my son.

I will be returning to Vulcan within the hour. I wish to take my leave of you. However, there is still much to be done. So, I invite you to follow the links.
As we boldly go where no one has gone before. Facing Paramount on all Frontiers.
If memory serves me correctly, then it is here that Captain Kirk would call for...

"Best poossible speed to Paramount, Mr. Sulu"

To Paramount
"Aye Sir, I estimate arrival in 5 minutes."