Martian Mania
Part II

Here are very curious findings on Mars that are in the latest 25,000 Martian photographs released by Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS). I have found what looks like a starfleet cruiser from Gene Roddenberrys Star Trek series for television in the sixties. Now how did he know what real ones looked like? In the lower left of the frame is a half finished modern human face with a bald head and what could be a scaffold like structure in front of its left cheek.
Want to see features? Well, these were taken from 400 to 500 kms up at 2 to 4 meters per pixel. Better use zoom to 200 to 400 per cent. I estimate the ship to be about 8 miles long! The frame is 120km x 118 km. There are five frames like this taken by the MOC in 1999. This one was April 11. The next one was June 12 (M0201454), July 2 (M0300325), July 9 (M0301568) and August 5 (M0306818).
This is the same structure just a different frame (time and camera angle).
Someone is sure interested in this place. Only the sphinx is a modern hominid. Who and when was someone bothering to make this? Is this starfleet cruiser inoperable? How long has it been here?





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