Martian Mania
Part I


Here are very curious findings on Mars that are in the latest 25,000 Martian photographs released by Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS). I have seen buildings with windows or solar panels. Craters with floodlights on inside like there is rock concert in progress. Greenhouses and a modern human face with a bald head and many very strange structures. There are frames that look like someone took a spray can of black paint to them.
Want to see features? Well, these were taken from 400 to 500 kms up at(**) 200 to 400m per pixel. Better use zoom to 200 to 400 per cent. There is a building and what looks like a greenhouse to the left of it about one third up on the left. Judging by the pristine condition of these structures and there familiar construction they are probably inhabited and not by martians. Blackops anyone?(**:Edited 7/11/01 was 2 to 4m)
This is the same structure just a different frame (time and camera angle).
How about a hexagon anyone? Just zoom in on the lower right!
Here is what appears to be a bald headed sphinx. Only the sphinx is a modern hominid.
Same face but different frame.
Another frame with a great wall like in China or what?.
Night concert under the stars? Sure looks like an astrodome with a pavillion and floodlights on inside.
And then this one: "Is that a bridge? " I have included it for your consideration.
Finally, an example of an anomalous bright spot. Is this merely from the dynamic range of the equipment? ""