I do not claim to know every thing, but I can pretend. Ask me ANY question you want to and I WILL find the answer and post it here. I will not state how long it will take me to answer because some questions are harder than others. But I,Wizard_9er, am here to serve you, The Viewer.

Q:If you plant bird seed, will you grow birds?
A:Depends...If by "bird seed" you mean the food for birds you buy at a pet store, and if by "plant" you mean "into the ground", then the answer is No. But, if by "bird seed" you mean "the sperm from a male bird", and if by "plant" you mean "into the eggs of a female bird from the same species" then the answer is Yes.

Q:why do nice guys always fall in love with the wrong people is it fate or just some cruel joke that nobody knows the punchline to?
A:Finally some one asks a question worth answering...for the longest time I felt like I was just helping a bunch of babies with their fucking homework...Any hoot. Opposites attract, bada bing, the nice guy gets burned by the shallow girl. Also, belief is the keystone of reality. Fate is made by the strongest thoughts of the majority. Most people have a negative out look on life already with such coined phrases as: "Nice guys always finish last", "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence", "yadda yadda"...It is fate that the nice guys get the not so good girl because that is what reality has become by our meager down trotted self pity. One can control one's own fate with practice...I don't wanna start sounding like a self help program so I will stop now.

Q:Where did the word "putane" come from?
A:"Pune-Tane" is suppose to be the sound the penis makes upon entering the vagina. The 'pune' being the insertion and the 'tane' being the sound the testicles make on impact. So I've been told...

Q:Have you ever noticed that more guys drink Dr. Pepper than girls do?
A:No, I have not.

Q:How do people with outie belly buttons wear tight pants?
A:Personally I think that wearing pants above your belly button is odd and uncomfortable. I assume that 'outties' feel the same way so they don't do it. Or they get use to it over time.

Q:How come we can't live in a world controlled by sense of smell instead of a world controlled by a sense of sight?
A:Back when our species was evolving, our environmental conditions were such of which that made it necessary that our sight needed to be the dominant sense. Dogs 'see' better with smell, and bats with hearing. Any third grader could tell you that. But as to why we "can't live in a world controlled by sense of smell", we actually can. It would just take a great and drastic change in our environment that would make the switch from sight to smell necessary for survival.

Q:? Do drugs show up in a blood test? Specifically Marijuana days after you have smoked.
A:Yes...The more drugs you do the longer it takes the body to process...The longer it takes the body to process the longer it can remain detectable...you pot heads.

Q:Do babies grown in labs (i.e. powerpuff girls) have belly-buttons?
A: Well, The Powerpuff girls never take thier clothes off...But I would assume that in order not to scare the kids the artists would draw a belly button of some sort on them...Now for reality and test tube grown kids...Yes...the fetus still needs an umbilical cord in order to get food. And the umbilical cord still needs a place to plug into so to speak, and the belly button is a good place to do it...unless they do it in the back of your neck...then its a necky button...

Q: Does the saying "Same difference" actually make any sense?
A:Yes. Although most often used as just a figure of speach it does not, but, if you think about it in a Mathmatical sense it does. Example: the difference between 7 and 5 is 2; the difference between 3 and 1 is 2. Thusly 7 and 5 have the "Same difference" as 3 and 1.

Q: Given you understand the Magic Eye picture things : We can look at a 2-diminsional object and make it appear 3-diminsional. We know that it is not 3-diminsional but we make it APPEAR 3-diminsional. So, if we apply the same concept to 3-diminsional objects, will it make what we see APPEAR 4-diminsional?
A:Douptful considering we don't know what a 4-diminsional object looks like. But if we were to try that being actually in the 4th diminsion it should work.

Q:Why are people so stupid? and What makes stupid people stupid?
A:Well...To balance things out you need one extreme and the opposite...With out stupid people there would be no smart people...And there are some really smart people out there...Thusly there has to be some really stupid people out there...and as my rant about "Pointlessness" said: "Individualism spawns Stupidity. If every one is stupid, they are not going to realize they are all the same." As for what makes them stupid I think your either born with it or your environment raises you into it...

Q:If the world stopped spinning would we all fall off?
A:First off, gravity is not created by the earth spinning; it is created by the mass of the earth. Bigger the mass the more gavitational pull. The earth is actually slowing down due to other gravitational forces and what not, so it may eventually stop. But if it were to just suddenly stop one day there would be a possibility that we would be ejected off the planet by the momentum much like flying through the wind shield in a car accident since we are not seatbelted to the planet itself.

Q:Whats with all that Kevin Bacon bullshit on your knowledge page?
A: I like to deface movies at times when they seem off the wall and uncanny. "The Hollow Man" was no exception. Of course the idea of being invisible has most likely crossed all of our minds its still rather and I was just trying to scientifically state why it was so. I didn't do any research on this or anything; this is basically what my friends and I came up with sitting around after we watched the movie. We may be wrong on some accounts but our point is still the same. Bare with me on the run on and incomplete sentences...Its pretty late.

First the eyes; Kevin Bacon's peripheral vision would expand to include directly above him, below him, and each eye would be able to see through the nose and opposite eye. The brain would be unable to process all of this information all at once and would thusly shut down to compensate...Next, Light would be able to enter the retina from all directions excluding directly behind him (retina do not face that way) making anything he saw way to bright or way to dark depending on the lighting. Lastly on the eyes, there is a protective lens over the pupil that refracts images the eye picks up and turns it upside down so we may see it right side up. This lens would now be in essence not there to refract images and he would then see everything upside down.

Now the electricity thing; Basically the formula they injected Kevin Bacon with to make him invisible made his cells and molecules out of tune with the frequency of light. Electricity in the visible spectrum (i.e. lightning, sparks, etc) is lower in frequency of light and he could quite possibly be out of tune with lower frequency as well and would be unaffected when he hit the fuse box with the crow bar in the movie. I also mentioned you could see his brain waves and what not, but this was a far-fetched idea and is possibly untrue. But oh well.

Q: Why are the keys on the keyboard arranged in the pattern that they are arranged in?
A:Before computers there were typewriters, and they are arranged so the typewriter sales men could spell TYPEWRITER using only the first row...also they are suppose to be aranged in such a way that the most commonly used letters are easy to reach with corresponding fingers...also, on computers, they were not always designed to be used with two hands, way back in the day they had one handed keyboards and by combinations of the five different keys on the device you can produce every letter of the alphabet.

Q: What rhymes with olive?
A: Palmolive (the dish soap), live, sieve, digestive, destructive, subjective, objective, projective, etc, etc.

Q: Why do hot dogs come in packages of 8, and hot dog buns come in packages of 12?
A: That is so you have to buy more of each product in order to get an equal amount of hot dogs and buns...In order to do that you would have to buy 3 packages of hot dogs and 2 packages of buns...it use to be buns came in packages of 10...and you have to buy 4 packages of buns and 5 packages of hot dogs...Also, if you think like a money hungry company: A normal family of 4 has hot dog night every Monday. They would go through all 5 packages of 8 hotdogs in 10 weeks. Now if you do that math they can eat all 4 packages of the buns in 10 weeks as well. The trick is, in 4 weeks they will have 4 buns saved up, but once opened bread will not last 4 weeks if not stored properly, thus making the normal family of 4 have to buy more hot dog buns.

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