I have answered yet another question for yet another lost and unguided soul, go to 'Q'n'A', and I posted another Comic...Also, when ever I update, I usually post a new Fact, and I have added those Character Biography Thingies for the newer characters...Just thought I would mention that again...and I am still waiting to fly to my hometown California to start my new job...once that happens there will be a slight delay in comic production and update activity, but it will be worth it...after a few short weeks on the job this cracka will be bankin it...I will be bling bling like no otha worthless bum eva has...and then...my dream, my goal, my destiny...MY OWN DOMAIN NAME!!! thats right...fuck this angelfire crap-ola...when that goal gets closer to being completed I will take a survey/poll thingy to see what the better domain name will be...but untill then...just read the damn comics, ask me your damn questions, read my damn poetry and send me your damn poetry...OR ELSE!!!!



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