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Some people speculate that the characters an artist portrays are some how similar to real life people or events from the creators life, but that is just a load of horse shit...

Some where in a fictional world, off in the small fictional town of Fiction McScottland, a fictional story fictionally unfolds. A glorious fictional story of fictional myth and fictional legend, that in no way resembles anything close to reality (honest!)...


The Hero

Living alone in a cave set deep within the mountain of McMountain, our hero struggles to survive against perils and dangers yet untold.
Hermit is single, a Capricorn, and likes long moon lit walks on the beach.

The Guys

Hermit McLonghair's best friend and hetero life partner,Buddy McImaginary is much like this story, imaginary. He can only be seen or heard by Hermit...
Buddy is also single, transparent, and ladies beware of his alluring see-through bed room eyes.

Born to the the open sea, Sailorboy McFancyblackpants has been sailing his whole life...And it put him in a bad mood...And dry land puts him in a bad mood too...
And the sky, and birds, and cows, and trees, and buildings, and people, and television and so on and so forth

The Crew...A cannibal and two dumb asses...These three are lead by Sailorboy McFancyblackpants and they hunt the only whale that ever walked on dry land, Stinky McLardmonster.

Secret Military Experiments (SME) have rendered his nasal cavities useless...That is why he breathes from his mouth and not his nose like normal people.

McSelfhate is one depressed self loathing mo-fo, and he has the deepest angst in all the world...and he hates himself for it...loser

Raver dances to the beat of the radio surgically implanted in his brain...and dances, and dances, and then dances some more...

This is the Village Elder for the Blue Skinned people. He is a few bricks short of a picnic and he can't make a rhyme even if you gave him a dime...
maybe if he only had more time...or maybe if he didn't eat that lime...

This is The Eep...It says eep...a lot...fortunately for the plot of this story it also has powers that are still unknown.

The Ladies

As one can imagine, the life of a hermit is very lonely...So basically when ever a girl pays Hermit McLonghair the slightest bit of attention, he falls head over heals in love with her...
Man, what a dumb ass...But I have to admit, she is damn sexy...Sally is the daughter of the Village Elder for the planet of the Blue Skinned People.

Two women, plus one reclusive hermit who is mentally retarded when it comes to ladies...Any one else smell trouble? Anaconda the Amazing Amethyst Amazonian Assassin is just that...
An amazing amazonian woman assassin who wears purple...Call her Ana for short.

The Bad

Residents of the forrest McForrest that lays beneath the mountain McMountain, these vile creatures set out to ruin the lives of all the others...and eventually they might bring about the destruction of Hermit McLonghair...

The leader of the Green Skinned People...This guy is crazy, and for some odd reason he thinks his ass is the Anti-Christ...what ever that means...Jeebus is a Scorpio and likes torturing prisoners, and ladies beware, he might just enslave your heart...and the rest of you, and the rest of your people, and your whole planet if you let him.

This guy is your typical ass hole of a man. He is selfish and loves only himself. Ladies, stay away from this type...
Why not hook up with a nice hermit instead, they are loyal and prone to stupid acts of bravery when needed.

This is the Secret Military Building Site Number 12345 where they conducted many experiments on many test subjects...Germ-E escaped from their clutches and they sent Sailorboy McFancyblackpants to find him...Little do they know that Sailorboy now doesn't care about their stupid mission, just like he doesn't care about a lot of things, such as:
dogs, kittens, people, turtles, hubcaps, tangerines, apples, mangos, flowers, cinderblocks, etc. etc.

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