Public Poetry

This is pretty simple as well...You submit me, Wizard 9er, poetry...and then I post it. Its kinda like a free way to get published...

Poet: Cornell
Title: Loss of God

An empty word comes from its mouth
A plague of many from the South
To fill our hearts with certain doubts
Of god and country

A stifled din into the night
A bird frozen in wingless flight
Who knows who is wrong or right
In this insanity

Catharsis brings it to a head
My ego, bloody on the bed
My hatred and my lust are wed
This is reality

Your god, your saints, your angels there
Wear the mask of hope and care
And have no means to break thier stare
On luminosity

I will not go
I wll not suck on the tit of christ
I've lost the way

Poet: Buddy
Title: Untitled

I can't forget the look of your face
in my mind
and I can't forget that warm embrace
that's so kind

but when I stared at the space
behind your eyes
I couldn't help but notice
that you're all lies

Poet: Buddy
Title: Truthtellers

Speaking words without a lie
can be tough for a liar.
But the stories they tell
by the light of a fire,
give hope to the hopeless,
dreams to the dreamer,
thoughts to the thoughtful,
and schemes to the schemer.

What of those people
who's truth is their word?
Do their stories
sound that more absurd?
There's always some meaning
behind what they say,
and there's always a tale
for the dark and rainy day.

Is it hard to believe
that someone won't lie?
That false words can't be spoken
even when they try?
Apparently it is
because believers are few,
but some say they are
and a few are true.

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