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Welcome to,a little corner of the WWW that you actually have a say in. Our goal is to be an accessable fan-based site. Almost every form of entertainment is represented here. Be it viewed,heard,or experienced,we will try to not only keep you up to date,but listen to your thoughts on the various events that fill our world.

We will constantly be updating the site with articles,and more ways to be interactive. The whole point of this site is that the 'net is supposed to be a place where the average person can express themselves to more people than they ever could normally. We want to help get your ideas out,as well as our own. Read some of the articles here,most of us are amateur writers,and we just want to test our voices in the world. This is not a place to lose your temper at the world,unless you can be angry and articulate. That is what we strive for here. Passion AND intelligence.

Please check the various items we offer our perspectives on,and feel free to relay feedback. Or go to our forums and meet people who think like you,or maybe even people who dont. Basically have fun,and remember,silence never changed anything.

Tony,founder of

Get "InOnIt"
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