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Thank You's

T A K E 5 T H A N K Y O U S

This project has happened so fast and in such a short period of time. In that time, our paths have crossed so many people we want to thank. First, we want to thank that higher power whose guidance has led us to where we are today. Next, A huge thank you goes to "Papa Lou" because without him none of this would be possible. Frank; with you everyday is a new "Sunrise". Thanks for everything. Johnny, you're great behind the it's time to play at Johnny's playground. Tracy, no information makes you crazy, but thanks for sticking with us through it all. Kari, how could we ever say thank you enough, you're the best. To edel, you took us in even though you knew it was going to be hard. For that we are truly grateful. We know the best is yet to come. To SWAT, look out here we come. Everyone back home at Transcon, there's nothing else we can say but THANK YOU. Susan in travel, thanks for keeping our miles straight. Everyone in accounting, WE NEED A CHECK. Everybody at the studio, especially the interns who put up with our nonsense, thanks a bunch. NYPD and TCBY, thanks for all the good food. To everyone on the Kids Go Music Tour '98, thanks for making our first tour so wonderful. We are the "baby" group of the Transcon family, and we want to thank all of the groups that have been there for us. BSB, you guys were the first and you made it possible for all of this. `N Sync, we look up to you like "big brothers". To the rest of the new groups, you chose a great family to be part of. Tyjuan, we know we drive you crazy but "That's The Way Love Goes." Doc, Dru and Mark, thanks for keeping our harmonies in check. To all of the great producers we have worked with: Veit, Gary, the Full Force team, Rod and Pinky, Joe and Dakari. Thanks for all of the time and work you guys put on the album. A BIG thank you goes out to all of the families, without their support none of this could work. From the late night goodies at the studio to keeping our shoes clean on the road and just being there for all of us. Welcome aboard to Aaron and Chris, look out it's going to be crazy. Lastly, to our fans, the success that we have had is all because of your support. We hope that you'll keep coming back for more. THANKS. If we forgot anyone, please know that you are all in our hearts.


First, I'd like to say thanks fo my Lord, Jesus Christ. "I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength." - Phil. 4:13 Next, I'd like to thank all of my family and friends who have supported me my entire life. You believed in me and gave me the love and trust I needed to follow this dream. My dad and mom, Craig and Rosie have been a blessing and inspiration to me, encouraging me when I needed it most. Thanks to my sister, Lisa who always has a positive influence on my life, thanks to my brother Joey (my bud) for just being there for me. Also thanks to my bigger brothers Craig & Tony for understanding all the changes that have taken plae in our lives so this dream can come true for me. Much love to Mat, Cathy my grandma's, aunts, uncles (too many to name, but I love you all). Hey babies (nieces and nephews) Kaela, Amber, Blake & twins - A. J. & Tiffi, lots of hugs and kisses from uncle "Te-Te"!!! Uncle Ly & Aunt Linda, thank you for passing your dreams to me, hope to make you proud! A sincere and heartfelt love to "Big Papa Loui" - all the great talks and tips were needed and appreciated, you made it all happen!!! Thanks to my manager Frank, and my tour manager Kari, my choreographer Tyjuan and the rest of the wonderful interns and support team at Transcon. (yodel-Bob) What would we do without our producers, Veit, Dakari, Rod, Gary and the Full Force Team, Thank You! Your dedication and slave driving paid off (I think). Thanks Johnny-hiding-go-seek-Wright you da man. I'm very grateful to our vocal coaches, Mark and Doc, you guys really know how to crack the whip, you guys are da bomb!!! Now I'd like to say what's up! To Innosense (yodel) best of luck and success girls. Hey, Hey `N Sync (Kari told us all about you, ha ha). Hello to BSB, my amigos C-Notes (bust it!!), Trey D(keep on Mackin') and LFO (The Flow Masters). Hang in there Big A.C.!! edel and company, thanks for keeping us going. I'd like to thank and acknowledge the schools that trained and inspired me in my early years, K.C.S and F.C.S. in Miami. A personal hello to our dedicated fans, your support is where it's at!! And last but not really last, thanks to my boys, my new brothers in Take 5. To those whom I've forgotten... MUCH LOVE!


I'd like to start off by thanking my family, especially my parents. You've worked hard to give me "roots and wings". Your love and support are greatly appreciated. I'd also like to say "what's up" to my little sister Courtney and to all my grandparents. Thanks for being my first fans! Grandpa, thank for the musical "genes". A very special thank you goes to "Papa Lou" who truly made it possible!!!... To the Larkins, Geno and Tyjuan for the moves, to Jean Krinke and John Lynn - your love of music and gift for teaching will always be with me. Thanks to everyone at Fort Road for your enthusiasm and helping my sister. Big thanks certainly go to Frank, Joe, Bob, Kim, Julie, Ann and Alex, Tim, Jeanne, Joey, Tracy, Mark, Doc, Dru, Saki, Hubi. Johnny, thanks for all the behind-the-scenes work and Kari for all the overtime. Thanks to everyone at Transcon and edel who have worked to launch Take 5. Kudos to all the other acts on Kids Go and Hand-In-Hand - especially to my boys Mike S. and Eric "the ostrich". A special shout out to the "white hat boys" and all my friends back home - to all my teachers who saw me through to graduation this year, especially Dr. Sigford. To the guys - Tilky, Stevie, T.J. and my little bro Clay - thanks for all your hard work. We're takin' it to the top together! This is the first album with many more to come. Great appreciation goes to the other boys' families. We're there for each other. Thanks to Joe for giving me space and God for opening doors. Also thanks to all the great producers: Gary, Veit, Rod, Dakari and the Full Force team. I also can't forget the great engineers. Mike, Adam and Pinky. Those not mentioned are not forgotten. Last, but not least, thanks to the fans. In the end, you're the ones who make it all possible.


It's always hard when it comes to the "thank yous". So many people have helped me but when it's time to tell them thanks, I always manage to forget someone. I have this fear of walking down the street and running into someone who screams, "I gave you the BEST years of my life, and NO thanks I get!" So...I'll try my best. Thank you to my Mom and Dad and Grandparents for the love and support htey give so my little sister Courtney who has had to give up a lot - like her two big brothers (our hearts are always with you). Through Take 5, I've met some incredibly nice and generous people. First we have the big man Papa Lou who believed in us and our dream. He turned this dream into reality. Then we have this nice man named Johnny who I thank for all his great advice. I certainly can't forget a nice young lady named Kari who helped us through the trials and tribulations of life on the road, and Frank for his encouragement and great management. I thank all my friends and family who have supported me through the years. Judson, Jenna, the Petersons, Bryants, Bentleys, Piepers, McDonnells, Davinna, the Fagans for my N.Y. memories and Beverly Strong and my Miller cousins for my L.A. ones. A special thanks to the teachers at Capital Hill and M.M.S. and those who encouraged me back in Minnesota: at Wehmann, E. Moore, Jean Krinke; John Lynn (you help me keep believing), Robbie, J. Fossell, Geno, the Larkins, Children's Theatre, History Theatre, Guthrie, R. Booton and Heritage Theatre. I thank my "Mario" buddy J. Sculthorpe for his moral support. Heartfelt thanks for the patience and hard work of my current teachers: Tyjuan (an incredible choreographer), Kim and Julie, Saki, Mark, Doc, Tracy, Dru, Tim, Jeanne - to the great producers Dakari, Full Force, Gary, Rod, Veit, and everyone at Transcon and edel who do so much to support us everyday. To my big brother Ryan, thanks for watching out for me and my three new big brothers (and extended families) - Tilky, Stevie and T. J. - thanks for keeping the faith so we can ride it to the top. To all the fans (AND ANYONE I FORGOT) - Thank you. Thank you, a thousand times - thank you!


First of all I would like to thank God for blessing me with my talent and giving me the opportunity to share it with others. Mom and Dad, thanks for helping me to fulfill my dreams and for all of your love and support. You're the Best! And to my little sister Traci and my little brother Theo who have given up so much so I can follow my dreams. I love you both! A special thanks goes out to my grandparents for their love, support and encouragement. I'll never forget you sitting in the audience when it was cold and raining. And to my whole family for always coming out to see me perform. Thank you to my attorney and friend, Dan Satorius for supporting my career. My voice teachers, Carol and John Lynn and Vicki Mountain. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. To my agent and friend, Dewey, and all the agents at Moore Creative Talent for their efforts in assisting me in the development of my career. My Uncle Dave at Gark studio in Mpls for all his support from the get go. And to Pat Kotnour for her beautiful songs and Lonnie Knight for his time and to both of you for "No Toy Trains" that reach the Top 5 on WWJO 98.1FM radio. To Mel and Jana for teaching me to sing the blues and how to reach down inside myself and sing fro my soul and most of all to "Stand Tall". To my favourite producer and good friend Pete Anthan. To all the Larkins and Larkin Dance Studio for giving me the background needed to succeed in this business. To my friends at Dakota Hills Middle School with a special "Whazzup" to David and Aaron...we had the best times. To my good friend Mike, to Melissa, my dearest friend, for all your hard work on Take 5's "I Give" video and for your friendship. To the Dunleavy's, the Blake's, and the Flannery's. (John, you have given me a better appreciation for Spam) and to the Edlund's... (Hey Sue, I won't be ringing your doorbell anymore.) To the Klee's and the Bailey's for helping my parents with Traci and Theo. I would also like to thank Lou, Frank, Kari and Julie, Johnny and all of the Transcon Family for believing in me and giving me the chance of a lifetime. To Kim, my tutor, my friend, and my second mom on the road and to my little friend and biggest fan, Erika. And to Jeanne Tanzy and Tim Coons for all their hard work and dedications to Take 5 in the beginning. (You're too nice to be true) To Doc Holiday, Gary Williams and Mark Goff for the gift of voice and to Tyjuan Jones for his great choreography. To my new little buddy Aaron Carter and to Daryl and Keith for being there for me on the road. And Hey Jane, thanks for letting me ride on your bus. To all my new Orlando friends and anyone I may have missed and of course to all the fans out there that have helped make us what we are today. We couldn't do it without you. God Bless!!


I'd like to thank God for opening and closing doors to get me to this point in my life! My Dad for keeping me grounded. My Mum, for the late night cookies. My brother, for "beating" me into shape. My Grandparents and Godparents for all the faith. All I can keep saying is THANKS and I LOVE YOU. To Papa Lou, whose willingness to gamble on me and provide me with this opportunity. I say "Thanks, I owe you!" To Frank, what more could I say but "Thanks for handling the handful!" To Johnny, for all the "words" and insight. To Kari, for caring enough to stay. We need you! To Tracy, "You're da man". To Helen Gittens, the world's best agent...and I can't forget Theo, Paul and Michael. Many thanks to ALL at Riverside Theatre, R.C.T., Eileen and Michael...and Sayre and Catherine for the dare. V.B.O.G and Linda Fox, V.B.T.G. especially David (and all those lessons), Jim and Hartwell. V.B.H.D.D. and Miss Dee. The Estes for treating me as part of your family. The Mazarins, for sharing some of your wisdom and experience with me. To Jeff "hot damn" Yates, to Miss Candee, for listening, Ann for giving "Sinbad" a home. To "USER FRIENDLY", especially Sam, you're like a second brother. Trip, you pump me up! John, you're my friend above all. To Trinity for bringing me out of my shell. To Mark, Doc, Dru, for getting us on track, you've got the skills. Tyjuan, who knows all the moves. Thanks to all the producers we've had the chance to work with. You guys are the best, I'm ready to do it again! To ALL of Transcon and edel for your untiring effort to promote us by pushing us onward and upward! (even if you wear us out!) To my "brothers" Ryan, Stevie, Clay and T.J., I can't wait for what is ahead. Last, but not least, to our fans, you all have been there from the beginning. Thank You!

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