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Game Reports

OK.. I know we did a few games between october and the end of the year. There was at least two Mage games, and at least one Kalidan game. Anyone remember?


10/4/01-10/6/01" Trinoc Con 2001": Doug and I made our way to a newer convention in the area, if you can call Durham 'in the area'. We were right down the street from Duke University, cool.

9/29/01: It seemed like old times... A cookout followed by an interesting Kalidan Session at Jeff's house. Several short games by several DM's were played. I arrived late and Missed Doug's game, but I heard I was suitably abused. I came in near the end of Jeff's gnomish adventure. I was there for the historic first DM'ing session of Brett. We now know who the 'one' true Monk is. I also lived through Jimmy's 'Burning Elf' adventure. Overall, it was a blast!

August... does anyone remember August? I'm sure we played SOMETHING!!!

7/28/01: An RPGA games day in charlotte. The first game was a living city adventure called Halur a' Moradin. Dwarfs, dwarfs and more dwarfs. The second (that doug missed) was a classic event called Binding Arbitrations. Doug would have loved it. A heavy role playing adventure that was well written and a lot of fun.

7/14/01: A shadowrun game, run by Doug, followed by a play test run of Chrissie's adventure run by myself. Doug had myself, Jeff and Brett, as well as newbies to the game Jimmy (Pity me, I just got married) and Chrissie. We were hired by a group of vampires to take out an assassin who wanted to be a vampire but was too psycho to join the club. How do we catch these plum assignments? We chased down a few clues, had a few more thrown at us. We finally found his place and trashed it. Or was it the place trashing us? We then completely wasted a roving street gang and finally found our quarry. As he was about to take the head of the master vampire (There can be only one...) we interceded and slew him and his two elementals. Game over.

The play test was of a module that you should see produced by Atlas games in the near future. It's tentatively called 'Unhallowed halls'. Check them out: Atlas Games

6/23/01: A Shadowrun game, run by Doug. I missed this one, but i heard that Craig got blowed up.

6/9/01: A Kalidan Game. Run by the Mad Marathon Gm himself, Jeff. In attendance were; myself, Brett (Mad running monk man), Shadow (Uh. I rolled a 3 again) and Craig(I'll be right back, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone). We visited a few hotspots in the area surrounding Kalidan, including a visit to a small town named Greenvale where we had a short and one sided bar fight, we talked to a woman about a map that no longer exists and met the local militia. After that slaughter, we headed back to Kalidan to take a walk through the non existent ruins under the sewers. They don't exist, the guards told us so. Once (not) there, we paid the entrance fee, ignored the "you must be this level to live through this" sign and walked into the ruins.

5/26/01: For me, it was an RPGA games day. One shadowrun game and my very first Living Death game. For those not in the know, this is a D&D rules game set in the 1890's where an evil force known as the "red death" is infesting the world. It was very fun.  For the rest of the group, I believe it was another trip to the Dungeon of Doom.

5/19/01: Another Kalidan game. I beleive Jeff ran this one. I have no details.. anyone?

5/12/01: A pre mothers day Kalidan adventure. Run by chrissy. I heard this one was the adventure from hell that had a cast of NPC's and beat everyone almost to death several times. Oh, and Jeff's sword started talking back to him. Jeff and I need to keep our blades from each other. I think they are plotting while we all sleep at night.....

5/5/01: A dual DM Kalidan adventure. Myself and Jeff "Marathon DM" Crisp tag teamed two short games. In the first, the group had les than an hour to get teleported to a remote abandoned by all living things tower, get an item and teleport back to the wizard's abode. They did it with seconds to spare. In Jeff's game, the party was accosted by brigands on a street, arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and engaged in several duels. Wait, scratch that. Vall instigated, er, participated in several duels. The rest of the party either watched or bet on me. Hey, where's my share? Oh, we killed or got all the bad guys arrested, saved the day, and I finally got a magic item with the '+' symbol in it's name.

4/28/01: Another Kalidan game run by Mr. Crisp. I missed this game as well, but heard that the party was given what for in a "classic" dungeon crawl.


4/14/01:  A Kalidan game run by Jeff. I missed this one, but I heard that Jimmy, Chrissie, Craig and the hired thief had much fun ransacking a wizard's castle. I hear they found every single trap, the hard way.


4/7/01: A Kalidan game run by doug. In attendance were; myself (why is everybody pickin' on me?), chrissie (I hit joey.. subdual? No way! I wanna kill him!), Craig (Ditto, darn thief is kicking my butt!), Jeff(thwacky), and Brett (I attack the cold undead thing with my bare fists... ouch.). We followed an invitation to a grand party about five days journey southerly of us. On the way, we had an interesting set of dice rolls, everyone forgot if they were scared, spooked, or just creepy, and watched a group of long dead people fight it out. Of course, the curious thief had to get out of the wagon, tweak a dead nose and stab a dead attacker a few times. What was the rest of the party doing? Good question. They were either shooting indiscriminately into the melee, singing dirges or helping to move the wagon along without said thief. Worse than that, the thief got sick and finally found his own shadow was out to kill everyone, starting with a slow drain of himself! The shadow was lit up, we headed on to a town with no name and an inn properly named "Inn". There we met strange folk,  paid too much for salt to go around the beds, and awoke to the screams of the people who did not put the salt around the bed. We met an old lady who was a font of information. Too bad she couldn't just tell us everything up front. "Oh, now that you've done THAT part...". We kill various undead thingies, including a slain child and his homicidal father. We then get more info from the woman, find out that the local high priest is the cause, go to confront him. On the way, some undead centuar badass from hell rips into us, gets rid of most of the healing spells. We then get to the monastary/chapel/whatever. There lies bad cleric boy with two beautiful women lounging in front of him. After a bit of posturing, I (the thief) look at one of the women and promptly fail my will save. I begin to wail on the party. In the end, I beat up chrissie and craig, the vampires were slain, the bad guy was forced to see his vileness in time to die and the evil curse was lifted from the land. Hurrah. Oh, then we went to the party. It wasn't fantastic until Jeff opened that bottle. :)

Things we will remember: Shadow check!


Did I miss a Kalidan game between mid February and April?

2/10/01:  A Star Wars game, by Joey. Craig was supposed to run the game, but had to back out two days in advance. I ran a quick game, and found that the worst thing in the star wars universe are probably those underused Gammoran guards. The party (Brett: Roooooooowr! ; Jimmy: No, shoot Him! ; Doug:No! Don't shoot me! Jeff: Damn, I'm tired! Chrissy: I shoot everything!) is given information that leads the to the outermost planet. Inside an evacuated mining complex, they find Gammorans (Am I spelling that right?) a rogue evil force adept with a lightsaber who thinks he's a sith, and more Orcs, er.. Gammorans than you can shake a  blaster at. The bad guy is slain, peace once again falls over the mining community.

Good thing: Gammoran Bob. Bad thing... where do I start? Friendly fire sucks. Big axes suck. Wookies rule.

Just remember, Jedi don't "hang", they "Lurk"

1/27/01: A long awaited Mage game. We are once again trying to just get home, with that whole federal government thing chasing us. We start out in the tiny metropolis of Kirk, CO, where we kill a malevolent forest spirit. We then find that the two old ladies who caused all this havoc have taken their bed and breakfast, along with our clothes and some of our gear, and vanished. Just because the feds, and a certain white haired technocracy agent, have come to town looking for strange beings such as us. After stealing back our car and gaining a new member of the group (hello Craig.. damn, another vampire), we head out of there, only to run into a diabolical killer with the world's strangest foot fetish. The vampire (Doug) finally gets pissed, and lets loose with all the violence at his disposal. The killer killed, the girl saved, the sheriff's boys show up. Wouldn't ya know it, we get taken back to the local vampire princes place, where he tells us, in true ventrue fashion, that we have done him a great service and that in return he will not turn us into the guvment. He tells us that he will provide transportation to kansas city if we do him one further favor. It seems that the diabolist had evidence that he was using to blackmail the prince. We were to go to his house and get it. We went, ran into the bald demon panther of doom (had to be there..) and found the papers. This resulted in a flight in a black helicopter to just south of KC. We hoofed it for a while, and were just appropriating a new mode of transportation, when 4 guvment types found us. Four more decended from a black helicopter. Unfortunately, the force was not with me, I could not roll well enough to take out the helicopter. It would need some repair, though.. :) After a brief, one sided fight which started after the death mage disappeared, reappeared behind two of the agents and blew their heads off, the party gets a phone call asking them to head down to Bodink, MO. More for the tally: 1 more kitchen (where the big cat demon was), a partial on a black helicopter.

1/20/01: The first star wars game under the D20 system, craig officiating. We had a motley crew consisting of myself (what, me a scoundrel?), Jeff (that's darth jeff to you.),Doug( I feel as if I am going to come to a bad end.. is it the force, or just the mexican I had for lunch?),chrissy (I shoot him?),Brett(damn wookie has grenades.. at least he didn't have the thermal detonator) and jimmy "Be one with the force, the force is your ally, use it to promote peace..Oh, my action? I chop off the droids head with my lightsaber.) The Jedi are off to some backwater system to look for evidence of the sith, the rest of us are just along for the ride. We arrive at the BFE system, only to find grand moff.. er private tarkin has lost his base. We go to get said base back. Darth blaster repellant and I go over one wall, grenade chucker and the fated jedi go over another, everyone else goes thru the front door. After a firefight with several tens of droids, the complete destruction of a building that contained parts, a destroyer droid and the droid controller, a house to house search and a brief chase, the bad boys were taken care of, and we left with our small fleet.


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