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Past Games: Y2K in review


Results and info.

12/29/00: A Kalidan game run by me, myself and I. In attendance were Jeff, Jimmy, Craig, Shadow, Chrissy and Richard. The party was hired by Roget, the bartender/owner at the wooden warrior tavern. He hires them to investigate esmerelda's background with a group of gypsies. After a were rat attack, some fun playing around in the swamp, and lots of laughter, the group made it to the encampment, only to be drugged and robbed. The gypsies were captured, circumstances leaving half the party with minimal weapons and armor, to fight a bad guy and his little heck puppy. That puppy killed more than jeff's character has in his whole career. The party found the info they needed, which was of little use to Roget, and headed back to town to celebrate.

12/22/00: A Kalidan game run by chrissy. I was unable to make this one, but i heard that many were rats were made mad and homeless. Arenas will never be the same in Kalidan.


12/16/00: A Kalidan game run by doug wolfe. In attendance were.. well, everyone! Craig, Chrissy, Chris (aka shadow, aka booty call), Jimmy, Chris (lamb), Jeff, Richard, an old friend from the conventions, Karol, myself and the DM. We basically blew away the local goblin kingdom. We killed anywhere from 90 to 459.5 goblins, counting on who you ask. We also met that pesky green dragon that's been hanging around. We decided to let him go, this time. (Yeah right.... )


12/2/00: Finally, a mage/vampire game played at Jeff's lakeside mansion. After the planned cookout was cancelled (thanks weathermen.. partly sunny and 50, NOT!) and pizza was picked up and consumed, we began. In attendance were the GM, myself, Doug the pissed off vampire and Brett "I turnXXXX into jello". We assaulted the Technocracy controlled base that was disguised as an NSA listening base. After Doug duped the guard to let us into the front door (yup, this plan DID take 30 miutes to prepare) we hotwired the elevator, killed two guards, tied a few more up, before making our way down to the lower level and the "manager's area". We fought off the agents and technocracy mage armed with lasers and homing energy grenades. Darn thing must have hurt when it went off in his pack. :) We found the target, rescued him, and escaped. In the process, another black helicopter was destroyed, along with the entire secret level of the base and a kitchen. Once we made it back to civilization, we ran from a roadblock, and headed out of town. The denver police lose more police equipment... We met a technocracy roadblock, Brett drove the rented car through a tree or two, we watched said agents get eaten by a tree, then wind up getting stuck in BFE, Colorado. The crazy death mage tried to talk to a pissed off spirit, giving up when it threw a tree at him. Through the valiant efforts of the vampire (who hears all) we figured out it was the kindly old women who owned the boarding house. Now, we are about to stick wooden daggers into the heart of some spirit. Oh, and the vampire is going to have the town destroyed.

11/11/00: Yet another Kalidan D&D game. We played once again at the ACC. Christina Stiles presided as GM. Playing were; myself (Charge!), Jimmy(What do ya mean I can't start a big fire in the cave?), Jeff (I shoot two crossbows at it!), CJ (I'm awake!, I cast cure light wounds!), Richard (Dancing lights!), Brett (Heeeeyyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!), Doug (I am a nobleman, I am a nobleman, I am...), and last but certainly not least, Craig (Charge? Whaddya mean charge?) We followed the divining rod, er elf to the distant mountains, scaring a few thieving halflings on the way just a tad. We were on a quest to find some bones and a sword to bring back to the family for proper burial. On the way, the Rural Ranger played tag with some really big and nasty breed of Orcs. Once we got there and entered the caverns, we were caught in a trap by magic wielding giant arachnid thingies. After being on the receiving end of magic missiles, webs, darkness spells, etc, the non fighters finally got sick of waiting in a dark hole("Hey! this is MY hiding place! Go find your own!"), they charged the giant mutant spiders of doom, killed one, we found the remains and hightailed it outta there! We were handsomely rewarded, and a few party members finally gained a level!

Highlights: Craig, surrounded in the dark forest by orcs twice his size: "I move silently!.. let's see, I rolled a 1!" Joey, rolling initiative: " wow! I rolled an 18! That gives me a 22 initiative!" Richard:"um.. I've got a 26." Joey: "damn."

10/21/00: Another Kalidan D&D game. We played at the ACC on the Winthrop Campus. Jeff presiding, myself, Doug (I am NOT a walking poison detector!), Craig (sneaky ranger man), Chrissy ("I sing to the vine!") and Jimmy (Let's just burn it down and sift through the ashes). This was the special All Hallows Eve 'Jefftoberfest" adventure. We were hired by a lovely and rich young lady to lay a ghost to rest. Of course, the ghost wasn't too happy about this. We entered the proverbial haunted mansion, complete with tongue in cheek undead gardeners, strangling monsters in the rafters, strangling vines outside and all sorts of nastiness. PC's were strangled, whacked, sliced, slapped, stinkified and treated to various other nauseous calamities. Good thing: Thiefy man once again made the sneak roll and put a ballista bolt through the manticore's vitals. Bad thing: Thiefy man doing the hangman's dance.

9/30/00 3rd ed D&D game at Mr. Crisp's lakeside residence. Myself presiding, Jeff (I'm not evil...) , Doug (Me neither..) and Brett (the flying and floating monk). The party rescued a maiden under strange circumstances. They mowed down goblins after almost being mowed down by ghouls.

Highlight of the game: DM) "OK, everyone make fortitude saves" Party) <groan> "I failed, not again!", "does a2 make it?, AAARRRGH!" "I made it, again!"

9/9/00 3rd ed. D&D game at jeff's house. Jeff presiding. Myself (thief boy), brett (monkey man), chris (the sleepy clergy) and Mr. Wolfe ("yeah, I may only be first level, but I'm first level in ALL the classes!"). It was the first game of the new D&D shared Kalidan campaign. It was fun, it was exciting. It just went to prove that not ALL ogres are stupid and evil. We went to point A to deliver potions in exchange for mushrooms, met scared halflings and the afore mentioned ogre. Went to point B to get fungus. Met Mr. Displacer beast. Through the DM's grace, we survived and headed home with shrooms, fungus and dead monster in tow. Good thing: Joey makes his sneak roll and manages to put an arrow through the ear of a really big monster. Bad thing: sleeping clerics take up too much cart space!

8/26/00 Alternity game at my house, everyone in attendance. The group's first real Alternity game and first real challenge. Those claws would have HURT! The group went claim hunting on an asteroid floating a week's burn from Mars. They managed to survive the giant mutant creatures, but lost most of the crew and the ship. Good thing: Chris hits with the rail gun when he REALLY needed to. Bad thing: "thunk.. thunk... thunk"

Had to be there.

7/29/00 Alternity game at Jeff's house, myself presiding. In attendance were Jeff, Doug and Richard, a new face to the group. After cooking and eating steak and bratwurst (Thanks again to the steak supplier), we did some finishing work on a few characters and began our small game. The PC's are hired to help lay claim to a promising find in the asteroid belt. Of course, it does not take long for trouble to find them! A gang, simply asking for a small toll, is mercilessly butchered, fried and incinerated. The group then settled into the nice safe port until the ship left. Good thing: at least one member of the party rememberd the line "Cover, good!". Bad thing: Thug au' Flambe'


7/8/00 Mage game at Mr. Crisp's house.After a fabulous cookout, and the late arrival of the mushroom man himself, chris, the game got off to a great start. On a simple mission to retrieve a man who may have information on the mysterious knife we have, we assaulted a penthouse full of Technocracy flunkies. Things were going good until the squad of guys in riot gear strolled out of the elevator. No prob, we are mages. Then the helicoptors showed up. Still, no prob. You know, they lose more of those darn black helicoptors... When Mr. Cyborg showed up to spirit our target away (as well as shoot the stray rocket at us) it all just went down the tubes. Ah.. and to think we left off about to assault an actual government base, Technocracy controlled, of course. Good thing: without rotors, helicoptors don't fly so well. Bad thing: when joey rolls too many low numbers, the helicoptors keep flying.

And yes, something WAS turned to jello this time.. Hurrah!


6/24/00 Shadowrun game at Mr. Crisp's house. Mr Wolfe presiding. Everyone but Mr. Lamb was in attendance. We started the first part of what seems to be a vey interesting set of adventures. Cain, Mr. Able and the (ex) assassin went thru a high body count to rescue a young girl, with Mr. Able taking most of the punishment. Darn '6' skill in martial arts, facing off against two punks with a '3' everything. I should have beaten the crap out of them, but no, out of six dice, I roll five '1's.

Snot nosed kids beat me within a foot of my life.


5/28/00 Mr. Crisp and I tried our very first Warmaster (*) game, using the minimum rules set. We found the rules to be only mildly confusing and the game itself to be fun. We are planning to get together again to play more with some expanded rules. This looks to be an actual thinking man or tactician's game. Unlike Fantasy, this game does not rely on the killing power of monsters and characters that are disproportionally strong, it relies on command and maneuver.

Looks promising.


5/21/00 AD&D game at my house. Mr Crisp, Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Patrick were in attendance. It was the end of a story arc and possibly the end of the campaign. Third edition AD&D is due out this August. This campaign will most probably be ended at or before that time. More news to come.


4/29/00 Mage game at Mr. Crisp's house. This was the James Bond meets MI game. Full of car and bike chases, gunfire, and undead women. The high point of the game; everyone's trigger fingers were sore, and no one died. Low point of the game; nothing was turned to jello.

(Yes, if you aren't a regular, there IS a story behind that one.)