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Game Reports

1/12/01: Kalidan games at the ACC. Craig ran an adventure that would have been challenging, had the pyromaniac wizard with several fireballs and walls of fire not been there. We guarded a caravan and then helped a kindly old man get his glass ball back. Yes, many were the jokes that day. We roasted many trolls, then helped the poor old man get his ball. He then pulled his essence out of it and revealed himself to be a pure evil lieutenant of an evil deity. We suck.                            Total exp: 700 each.

Part 2 of the day was handled by Jimmy. We went to the swamps in search of the monastery with no name. Once there, we found large goblin type evil creatures who could have cared less that we were there and big wolf puppies who dimension doored out of harms way after cutting you up. We then went down into the catacombs and found lots of dead folk. Thankfully, they didn't stand to greet us. We met the cat headed guy, a Rakshasa, and helped him get through a few doors and traps to find some treasure. At the end, we let him have all the money and tried to attack him when he took the ring of Wizardry. Bad idea. He knew. That whole telepathy thing sucks. He teleported away, leaving us with a few paltry magic items. Total Exp. 1000 each.

1/5/01: Evil Joey ran two games. The first was an Alternity game, a 'filler' episode between the last big game and the next big game. We also had a chance to bone up on the rules and introduce a few new players and characters. The pyromaniac 'detainee' and another Merc (Brett's new guy) are enjoying their trip when an intrepid reporter (Craig) comes aboard to interview them and live life on a Marine ship. A trainee Marine (Jimmy) was assigned guard duty. The group and a small guard troop was sent to an 'abandoned' asteroid mining complex just to take a look around and give the reporter something other than the events at another asteroid to investigate. Needless to say, the asteroid was not uninhabited. The party lost cameras and soldiers down a tunnel. The trainee was put in charge of the reporter and two detainees, and promptly lost one who snuck out to the shuttle to scavenge weapons and armor. The three met back up and looked down the second hall as gunfire headed their way. The avid trainee pulled his big old rifle to his shoulder, took aim and hit the button to eject the clip. The reporter got it all on film. After finding the dead marines and a few more pirates (several of which spontaneously combusted), the group returned to the shuttle (some limping heavily) and departed. The reporter's camera mysteriously died just before the clip fell out. The reported had a good story.                                                                                         Total Exp: 2 Achievement points each.

The second game, or the 'pit stop' game was a Kalidan game that came to me during a brief foray into the men's room. The party was told about a demonic looking door that would look great in the place of the one that was lost recently. They traveled to a small city, met the Mayor and looked upon both the marvelous door and the extravagant bids that had already been placed. Most of these bids were extremely far above the groups ability to pay. Even selling habib into slavery wouldn't bring enough. However, the Mayor told the group that the door was theirs if they solved a little Dragon problem the town was having. The group was hesitant, Jeff's sword was excited. It even tried to talk him into attacking a powerful sorcerer on the pot. The rest of the party went out of town to look at the supposed Dragon claimed land. They met an amusing town patrol. They took a look around. Something swooped over them. The monk showed off his afterburners. The group hired as many folk as they could and went of to fight the Dragon. It was Jeff, Jimmy, Brett and Craig along with three Dragon hating priests, a mage and his two apprentices and his four bodyguards. They set a trap with a poisoned cow. I kid you not. They were very surprised when the first Dragonne came over and attacked. They were even more surprised when a second one showed up. Several more showed up as the fighting progressed. Even the Mighty Griz was seriously wounded. Two of the preists were down, the only member of the Mage's party left was the Mage. Jeff, Jimmy and Brett were in HTH combat, Craig was shooting his bow from afar. He noticed that he had not been hit yet, while everyone else was getting sliced to ribbons. This is about the time that the last two landed behind them. All looked lost when a silver Dragon landed on the last two and took off while shredding them. It and the third priest were never seen again. Everyone lived, they saved the Mage, he gave a gift to everyone. The door was taken home. What does the door do, if anything? To be continued.                 Total Exp: 4250 each.


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