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     Looking for a bunch of poems? Look no further. This is it, This is the list. These are all my poems that have popped out of my head and made a mess on some innocent sheet of paper. They are in order of earliest to newest if you start from the left side and go down. Simple enough, eh? "Hey some of those poems have snowflakes!" you say? Those crazy little "*" mean that those poems have their meaning. If you want to know what goes on in my head when I wrote that poem, all you got to do is click on the title of the poem when you are on the poem's page. It should just pop down on you. And please leave some lovin in those guestbooks that each poem has left just for you. Click, read, enjoy.

Going Nowhere Fast * Kevy * The Flame
Life Of A Soda Bottle * Load On My Shoulders * Dry Grounds *
Soli's Poem * Passing Lights * Fighting *
The Bright Side Of Life * Introduction * Watching Time *
Green Dude * Broken Dreams * A Moment In Life: Part II *
Algebra II Sucks * Power Outage * The Hunger *
I Wonder Why * Midnight * Lost And Confused *
Just A Thought Hatred * Disgust *
Unfinished Business The Fire * Downward Fall *
Ahead * Mercedes * One Breath *
A Sense of Peace * New Life Falling Before Me *
The Afterglow * Separation * Apple *
The Creation * One Month * Solitude *
Obstruction * Destruction * Holding Out
Thinking Subjugation * The Pencil *
Pure Evil * Gray * A Moment In Life: Part III *
Meditation * Escape * The Beauty Of Chaos *
Gone * Held Back * Hidden Beauty
Trapped * Drops * The Ocean's Song *
Stormy Outlook Changes * A Moment In Life: Part IV *
The River * Breaking Free * Please Don't Cry
Missing Out The Rain Frozen Star
In My Head * Boredom * The Lost Soul (Part I) *
Thoughts From Above Bad Day * The Lost Soul (Part I and Part II) *
Passing By * One Day * Lost Love
Darkness * Regrets * Giving Up
Soli's Poem: Part II * Dying * Losing Her: Part I
Withdrawal * Illness * Concentration *
The Fastlane * That Poem * Losing Her: Part II *
Breakdown * Relax * Prisoner
Experience * Lone Star Innocent
Fountain of Thoughts * My Plans * Wingless Church
Blue Hue * By Myself * The Golden Hand
Stars * Calm * Insomnia
My Love * The Show * Control
Yellow Sheet * Night To Remember * Now
Too Far * Torture * Driving Away
Dark Clouds Only You Treasure
Losing Thoughts * Caliginous Ideas Euphoria
Broken Apart * Inward Thoughts At Your Door Don't Leave Me
Confused * Winds Of Change * Another Day
Closed Inside * The Blade Of Grass * Knocking On My Door
Listening * Hidden In Flight* I Shot The Moon
Flying Around * The Cleansing * She Whispers Her Secrets
Nepenthe * Unfortunate * Prisoner Of The Rock
Autumn * Through Closed Eyes Shut From Society
Candace * Savior Departure
Searching * Falling Apart * One Teardrop
Serenity * Uncertainty * All Poems
Unrealistic Crises * A Moment In Life: Part I *