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Mark and Jerri


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Mark and Jerri Ferguson

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Mark and Jerri Ferguson For 13 years, Mark & Jerri Ferguson have served in the music ministry as a team! This husband and wife combine their individual talents to expand the influence of Gospel Music to hundreds of thousands of people each week. They have served as Minister’s of Music, worship leaders, composers and arrangers. They have performed over 200 concerts in the last few years and have had two nationally released projects to radio. Together they host radio and television programs; compose, record and perform at churches, festivals and arenas across the country; and promote Gospel music concerts!

Known to thousands of weekly radio listeners as the host & Inside Gospel Music reporter on Mark Ferguson’s SUNDAY IN AMERICA, Mark and Jerri now give us a glimpse into the early years that gave this warm and candid couple a foundation for their life’s work.

“My first memories center around that piano,” Mark begins. “My grandmother had given us a big - heavy upright piano that sat in our living room. Mom was the church pianist for close to thirty years at our church...she would practice and we would sing. I remember so well, during electrical storms we always gathered around the piano and sang until the storm ended. The lights would flicker, then go out.... Mom would say, ‘no electricity needed for the piano!’ Then, we would continue to sing.”

In much the same way, Jerri’s love for the Lord and Gospel Music began at home. Jerri, the child of a Baptist Minister, can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing with her sisters and brother or in her Dad’s choir. Jerri shares, “Growing up in a minister’s home gives you many “funny” experiences to share. Like, when I was a little girl, Dad wanted me to sing in the church service. I was just too shy. So Dad turned all the lights off in the church, someone shined the spotlight in my eyes so I couldn’t see the people, and then, I sang!”

Jerri continues, “I also remember going to a recording studio when I was fourteen to sing with my sisters and family on our first album. We were so nervous! It was hot in the studio, tensions were high ... and things didn’t go exactly, well, to our expectations. The biggest problem came when someone sang something wrong....we all had to start over again! We sang “Something Beautiful” 22 times that day! Needless to say, we’ve had a lot of fun with that story through the years!”



  • born March 4th...
  • is a native of Greenville, South Carolina...
  • accepted Christ as Savior at age 7...
  • wrote his first song at age 14...
  • is an Ordain Minister...


  • born February 11th...
  • is a native of Bristol, Tennessee...
  • accepted Christ as Savior at age 9...
  • recorded her first album at age 14...
  • holds a college degree in Administration...


  • wedding anniversary November 27th...
  • two children, CARSEN (the son), HEATHER (the daughter)
  • CARSEN'S birthday is January 11th...
  • HEATHER'S birthday is January 21st...


  • MARK & JERRI have performed with The Gaithers, The Cathedrals, Gold City, The Kingsmen, Greater Vision, The Martins, Ivan Parker, Karen Peck & New River, The Isaacs, Brian Free & Assurance, The Greenes, Phil Cross & Poet Voices, The Perry Sisters, Ponders, Sykes & Wright ...
  • In 1995 and 1996, MARK hosted, SOUTHERN GOSPEL LIVE! A weekly television show on ACTS/FamNet.
  • SUNDAY IN THE SOUTH® with Mark Ferguson is now heard on a "Network" of radio stations around the country!
  • MARK & JERRI recordings: Share it in a Song, 1994; By Request, 1996; Portraits, 1998;
  • In 1998, MARK & JERRI will host the 5th Annual SUNDAY IN THE SOUTH "LIVE" - A Gospel Music Concert Event!
  • In 1998, MARK & JERRI celebrate the 7th anniversary of SUNDAY IN THE SOUTH with Mark Ferguson "Today's Best Gospel Music - Nashville Style!" on Whistle 100, WSSL!
  • In 1998, Mark celebrates 20 years in Gospel Radio.

    Mark Ferguson
    Post Office Box 100
    Greenville, SC 29602
    Voice: 864-271-5168
    Fax: 864-271-9775


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