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No information on Danish charts available yet.


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No information from the German charts available.


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*This week (week 14, from Wednesday 7Radicals' debut single th to Wednesday 14th), New 'You get what you give' entered the official norwegian top 20 at #15.

Today (wednesday 13th.), I read in a norwegian newspaper that New Radicals were at #8 on the norwegian airplay chart.

* End of April; 'You get..' falls out of the top 20 singles chart.


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No current information on the swedish charts available, but I do know that neither 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too' (the album) nor the single 'You get what you give' is in the top 5. Not this week, anyway.


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United States

I'm not really updated om American charts (guess I'll have to pay more attention from now on), but I believe I read in Rolling Stone earlier this week (week 14) that New Radicals were at #15 with the single 'You get what you give', and at #41 (going up from #44) with 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too'- the album.


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Great Britain

June '99; 'Maybe you've been..' is at #10 in the British album chart (Q Magazine).


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