Concert review from Q Magazine June 1999 Issue

From the norwegian newspaper VG, April '99

Review of 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too', from Sidewalk

From the norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, February '99

By Bob Mehr

By Neil Weiss

Review of 'Maybe you've been..' by Mike Ross

Review of 'Maybe you've been..' from Rolling Stonee

From the norwegian newspaper 'Aftenbladet'

From Alternative Rock World

Review of 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too' By Steve Marshall

From SPIN, by James Hunter

From All-Music Guide

Review of 'Maybe you've been brainwashed too By Dr.Johnson

Review from New York Now

From U-Wire, by Michael Tedder

Review by Ron Provine

From the Bakersfield Californian January 22, 1999

By Xiao Jinhong

Published in 'Kristianstadsbladet', March 1999 By Christer Paulstrup

New Radicals' disc shows off best, worst sides of pop music By Jason Dooley

Review by Kitty Empire

New Radicals' release is new, radical By Hilton Price

An intens young man By Erik Valebrokk

From Daily Utah Online

Review by Scott Slonaker

Review by Stevan Spacely

One of Editor's music picks From Spirit

From the Village Voice

Review by Harry Guerin From April 1999

'Review of Maybe you've been..'

From Radio Voyager By Eric Phillips


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