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The 1st Scottish Tattoo

at The Royal Albert Hall

The Sound of "Braveheart"

Or alternatively the Pictures from the Braveheart Tattoo

Braveheart Script

LBC Intro

Pipes Intro

Sen. P/M

Roger Huth

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan1

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan2

Massed Pipes/Drums1

Cock o' the North

Massed Pipes/Drums2

Pibroch Donald Dhu

Massed Pipes/Drums3

Scotland the Brave

Massed Pipes/Drums4

Flower of Scotland

Massed Pipes/Drums5

Bonnie Dundee

Robert Baird Band1

Country Dancers

Steve Watterston

Solo Piper

Highland Dancers

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan3

Massed Pipes/Drums6

Farewell to the Creeks

Steve Watterston

Solo Piper

Highland Dancers

Fiona Darroch


Bens of Jura

Robert Baird Band2

Country Dancers

John Scott

Bruce's Address at Bannockburn

Massed Pipes/Drums7

Wi' a Hundred Pipers

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I hope you enjoyed your visit. Ian McLennan

ŠIan McLennan The Scottish Tattoo 1999

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