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The 1st Scottish Tattoo

at The Royal Albert Hall

"Braveheart" 1999

The Sound of the 2nd Half

LBC Intro

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan1

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan2

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan3

Massed Pipes & Drums1

Barren Rocks Marie's Wedding

Massed Pipes & Drums2

Green Hills

Pipe Solo

Olivia McLennan

Amazing Grace

Fiona Darroch1


Fear a Vata

Fiona Darroch2


Far Am Bi Mihin

Fiona Darroch


Far Am Bi Mihin

Steve Watterston3 Solo Highland Dancers

Steve Watterston4 Highland Dancers

Marie's Wedding

Massed Pipes & Drums3 Solo Nathan Colbern

Highland Cathedral

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan4

I vow to thee my country

Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan5

Sunset solo

Senior P/M

Roger Huth


Hampshire Police & HMS Sultan6

National Anthem

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I hope you are enjoying your visit. Ian McLennan

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