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Greenwood Cross Country 2002

2000-2001-2002 Region Champions

Trevor Beesley earned All-State Honors with a 2nd place finish in a time of 16:17.

Trevor Beesley and Austin Brown named All-Region.

"Be the best you can be, not the best compared to somebody else." -Danny Gray
This is the official site of the Greenwood High School Cross Country Team. Our coach is Sammy Owen who is in his fifth year as head coach at Greenwood.

Highlights of the 2002 season

  • Finished 1st in the region
  • Had 2 All-Region runners
  • Finished 2nd at Lander Invite
  • Finished 7th at Great American

    Highlights of past seasons

    Pictures from past seasons

  • 1999 Schedule
  • Newspaper article of our Region Championship
  • Picture Gallery
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    JD Alewine Matt Attkinson Michael Bailey Laura Barger Katie Banks Shunessa Anty
    Trevor Beesley Austin Brown Braden Bright Allison Clark Katie Finkbeiner Brook Kirkland
    Trevor Christensen Chris Cox Chris Dabel Robin Godsey Susan Gooding Brandi Purifoy
    Bill Dubert Brandon Esco Ray Felton Nami Irie Dawn Jiang
    Nolan Gregory James Johnson Justin Coates Kristina Jennings Merideth Khondabi
    Branhan Lowther Gus Natvig Josh Nasrollahi Emily Lethco Julie Miller
    Joeseph Ramage Chris Redfern Will Sloan Lauren Park Megan McWhorter
    Timmy Shinall Charlie Williams Ben Skinner Anna Grace Patterson Maria Psomas
    Andrew Wallace Clayton Shook Nick Williams Erin Smith Robin Smith
    Andrew Walker Jamison Brownlee Rafael Chiles Casey Skinner Ashley Swofford
    Sean Valentine Steve Hanke Verun Metha Deannaa Woodard Jessica Snelling
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