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Gimlin Family

1. Frederick Gimlin
Death: 1777 Frederick CO., VA

2. Andrew Gimlin
Birth: 1748 either Germany or Shennadoah, VA
Death: abt. 1807 Cumberland CO., KY
Wife: Mary Magdalena HEISTAND

2. Andrew Gimlin and Mary Magdalena Heistand's children:

i. Joseph Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1774 Lincoln, KY

ii. Daniel Gimlin
Birth abt. 1775 Mercer, KY

iii. David Gimlin
Birth: 1779 VA

iv. Susannah Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1779 Shennadoah, VA

v. Mary Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1781 Lincoln, KY

vi3. Samuel Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1783 Lincoln, KY
Birth:Nov 27, 1786 Lincoln CO., KY
Death: July 8, 1860 Taney, MO
Wife: Elizabeth MOORE

vii. Elizabeth Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1785 Mercer, KY

viii. Ann Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1786 Mercer, KY

ix. Rebecca Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1787 Mercer, KY

3. Samuel Gimlin and Elizabeth Moore's children:

i. Maria Gimlin
Birth: July 26, 1809 Green, KY

ii. Malinda Gimlin
Birth: March 27, 1811 Cumberland, KY
Death: June 7, 1894 Richfield, Sevier, UT
Husband: Tarlton LEWIS, March 27, 1828 Teasdale, Wayne, UT

iii. Hannah/Haanan Gimlin
Birth: abt. 1813 Cumberland, KY

iv. Barry Gimlin
Birth: 1815 Cumberland, KY

v. Austin Gimlin
Birth: 1818/19 Cumberland, KY

vi. John Gimlin
Birth: Aug 28, 1821 Monroe or Cumberland, KY

vii. Rebecca Gimlin
Birth: 1823 Sampson, KY

viii. David Gimlin
Birth: Sept 27, 1826 Cumberland, KY

ix4. Daniel Gimlin
Birth: March 29, 1829 Sampson, KY
Death: June 10, 1905 Carrollton, AR
Wife: Nancy Jane RATCLIFF
Wife: Armiata HENDERSON

x. Thomas Gimlin
Birth: 1831/32 Sampson, KY

xi. Lavinia Gimlin
Birth: 1816 Cumberland, KY

4. Daniel Gimlin and Nancy Ratcliff's children:

i. Stacy Myrtle Gimlin

ii. Elizabeth Jane Gimlin
Birth: 1854

iii. Richard Barry Gimlin
Birth: Dec 22, 1858 Carrollton, Carroll AR

iv. Cynthia Ezra Gimlin
Birth: 1859
Husband: Washington LafayetteCAMPBELL, Dec 11, 1879, Carroll CO., AR
Death: April 21, 1934 Blanchard, OK

v. Mary F. Gimlin
Birth: 1863

vi. Joseph H. Gimlin
Birth: March 19, 1866

vii. Robert L. Gimlin
Birth: 1872

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