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1. Joseph M Campbell
Birth: TN
Wife: Nancy (b. SC)

Joseph Campbell and Nancy's children:

i. William G. Campbell
Birth: 1839

ii. Mary Campbell
Birth: 1842

iii. Joseph C. Campbell
Birth: 1844 TN
Death: AR
Wife: Mary

iv. Matthew A. Campbell
Birth: 1846 TN
Death: AR
Wife: Nancy E.

v2. Washington Lafayette Campbell
Birth: 1847/48 TN
Wife: Cynthia Ezra GIMLIN Dec 11, 1879, Carroll Co., AR

vi. Charles H. Campbell
Birth: 1853

vii. George M. Campbell
Birth: 1857
Wife: Margaret

2. Washington Campbell and Cynthia Gimlin's children:

i3. Charles Frederick CAMPBELL
Birth: Aug 25, 1880 Carroll Co., AR
Death: March 4, 1959 Blanchard, OK
Wife:Mary Alvena "Vena" BEAVER BEAVER April 22, 1906, Stonewall OK

ii. Edward Campbell
Birth: July 27, 1882
Death: Jan 1932
Never Married

iii. Arkie Bell Campbell
Birth: Aug 19, 1883, Carrollton, AR
Death: Aug 1973
Husband: Arthur George WHITE

iv. Myrtle (Jennie) Campbell
Birth: Jan 1 ????
Death: 1949
Husband: Silas FREEMAN

v. Joe Campbell
Birth: March 10, 1889
Death: 1911

vi. Orville Campbell
Birth: Feb 27, 1881

vii. Clay Campbell
Birth: May 20, 1894
Death: 1971
Wife: Cora FREEMAN

3. Charles Frederick Campbell and Mary Alvena "Vena" Beaver's Children:

i. Nellie Campbell
Birth: Jan 25, 1908 Alex, Grady CO., OK
Death: Aug 11, 1995
Husband: Hugh GHARST, Sept 3, 1927

ii. Edythe Madeline Campbell
Birth: Jan 23, 1910, Dibble, McClain CO., OK
Death: Feb 20, 1999, Merced, Merced CO., CA
Husband: Clyde Ezra BALLARD Sept 20, 1931 OK

iii. Mildred Campbell
Birth: Sept 3, 1912 Criner, McClain CO., OK
Death: Sept 26, 1974
Husband: Jack HARRISON Aug 23, 1931

iv. Hugh Lafayette Campbell
Birth: Sept 23, 1914 S.E. of Cole, McClain CO., OK
Death: Oct 26, 1991
Wife: Louise COYLE

v. Frances Ethel Campbell
Birth: Nov 21, 1916 Potahu, Washington
Death: June 5, 1993
Wife: Elsie JOHNSON Sept 20, 1937

vi. Living Campbell

vii. Kenneth Leon Campbell
Birth: Aug 27, 1921 E. of Dibble, McClain CO., OK
Death: Dec 8, 1997
Wife: Pauline LEE, Nov 6, 1942

viii. Mary Bernice Campbell
Birth: July 25, 1923 N. of Dare, McClain CO., OK
Death: Nov 4, 1943

ix. Margaret (Peggy) Campbell
Birth: March 26, 1925 N. of Dare, McClain CO., OK
Death: Aug 12, 1945
Husband: J.B. STAMPER, June 22, 1943

x. Geraldine Inez Campbell
Birth: Feb 20, 1929 Dibble, McClain CO., OK
Death: April 3, 1997
Husband: William CORNELL, Nov 11, 1946
Husband: G.W. GILBERT, 1973?

xi. Infant daughter
Birth: Oct 23, 1926

xii. Charles Edward (Bob) Campbell
Birth: May 10, 1930 Dibble, McClain CO., OK
Death: May 18, 1996
Wife: Living

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