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How to Raise Your Fuel Pressure on 95 - 97 Models

First you need a Tamper Resistant Torx 10 on a long shafted screwdriver handle and a fuel presuure gauge. Hook up the gauge to the test port located just under your intake. The test port should have a cap on it, unscrew the cap and screw the guage on to the fitting. Also be sure to wrap a rag around the fitting while screwing on the guage to prevent fuel spray. Now take a stock reading key on/ engine off, there should be 43 psi and holds steady. If it drops get another fuel pump, the check valve inside is releasing fuel pressure back into the tank (longer crank times after sitting for a bit). Now start the engine and check the fuel pressure with engine idling it should be around 34-36 psi, and snap the throttle or pull the vacuum line of the regulator and the guage should read 43 psi. (Note: removing the vacuum line or snapping the throttle simulates Wide Open Trottle) Now locate the regulator it should be on the fuel rail just left of the trottle body. Now look at the regulator top - see the set screw? Turn the set screw clockwise to increase the pressure and counter clockwise to decrease the pressure. Turn the pressure up to about 51 psi at Wide Open Trottle (NOTE: DO NOT GO ABOVE 51 PSI @ WIDE OPEN TROTTLE, YOU COULD BLOW OUT THE RAIL SEALS FROM TO MUCH PRESSURE). Now you are done, turn off the engine and disconnect the fuel guage (NOTE: Refer to the manual of guage on how to remove it), you have now raised your fuel pressure. If you don't have a gauge, get one to verify the pressure settings. If you do not have the long handled torx then the throttle cable bracket must be moved out of the way to allow access. Also just to let you know if you have a stock saturn engine with no modifications you probably with not notice a difference in performace. Rising fuel pressure will not add HP, but it will fine tune your modifications to achive maximum HP from the modifications. Disclaimer: I WILL NOT be held responsible for damages to your car or anything else caused by the use of this information.

I would Like to thank Chris for this information
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