La Couvertoirade, in the Larzac region~
a walled village founded in the 12th Century by the Knights Templars

A History of France

France Through the Ages (in French)

French Consuls, Presidents, Marshals, Kings, and Queens

The French Royal Family: A Genealogy

History of France and Dynastic History

Francia: A History of France from 447-1945

Charlemagne, Frankish Emperor

William the Conqueror (a brief look at William of Normandy and his historical significance)

The Norman Conquest (a 21-page narrative which covers the background, the conquest itself, and the aftermath)

The Hundred Years' War (includes summary, pictures, and time line)

Jeanne d'Arc

Cardinal Richelieu

French and Indian War (Seven Years' War)

A Chronology from 1789-1945 (World War II)

A Timeline of France During the French Revolution and Under Napoleon Bonaparte

The French Revolution (a single-page summary)

The French Revolution

The French Revolution (an in-depth look; contains biography, timeline, pictures)

Marie Antoinette

Robespierre and the Reign of Terror

Charlotte Corday: A Brief Biography and Description of Her Role in the French Revolution

The Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide

The Louisiana Purchase

A Quick Primer on Waterloo

French Colonization of Algeria

Franco-German (Franco-Prussian) War

World War I (The Great War)

The War to End All Wars

The Treaty of Versailles

Charles de Gaulle

World War II: The Resistance Movement in France

Franco-Thai Conflict in WW2


The Liberation of Paris

Modern and Contemporary French History

Student Revolt of 1968

George Pompidou

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing

François Mitterand

Jacques Chirac

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