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The Conjugations Sub-Menu

Welcome to the Conjugations Sub-Menu. Here is where you can choose which part of the Spanish Conjugation you want to learn. There are many different conjugations and tenses in the Spanish Langugage just like in English. They may seem like too much to deal with now, but as you grow used to them, they will become easier fo you . To begin your learning, may I suggest that you begin with the pesent tense items in the order that they apppear on the table. If you have had some experience with Spanish conjugations, I would suggest taht you start on whatever level you feel you are up to. Stem changing verbs are a little different. I would suggest that you pay close attention to them. Now, I invite you to take a look at the choices provided for you below.

Tense Part Description
Indicative Normal Present Speech
Participle -ing ending
Subjunctive that....
Stem Changers Verbs that chage spelling
Preterite Normal "in-the-past" Speech
Past Participle -ed endings
Imperfect in the past, over time
Future Normal Future Speech
Conditional I would.....
Non-Tensed Verbs Commands Commands
Irregular Conjugations words that don't quite
fit the regular pattern


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