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***** last updated on saturday, december 18, 1999 *****

WARNING...WARNING: Ok! I'm trying a little harder to update everything. I have a bunch of Legoman Pics to put on. I'm also going to do a full makeover on the Hokus Pick page. I just went to their concert and have tons of pics and stuff to put on. Most of the big stuff will be done over Xmas when I'm at home with my mac. If you have any questions, just send an email my way. Thanks.

Welcome to Jasmineco! So, what's new at Jasmineco, you ask. Well,

- New Java Game!!! Battleship. YeaH! Go and play!
-there are 4 new kid jokes courtesy of my friend mike. I listened to the wolf last friday so more to come really soon.
-If you haven't already voted in the new official Jasmineco Poll, please do!
-I've updated my info in about me cause it's kind of all wrong. But it's all good now.
- Near the bottom of this page is a new referal form. If you really like my page and would like other people to come to it, you can send them a little message. It would be great PR for me and I would appreciate it soooo much. So, go for it.

No matter what is new or not, check everything in case I might not have mentioned something or you haven't been around for a while. Tons has been happening so remember to always visit. Would you like to know when new stuff appears at Jasmineco? If so, please sign up at the form page . Have fun looking through my page. If you have any suggestions or comments, email me. Sign my guestbook if you'd like to leave your mark. Enjoy yor time at Jasmineco!!!

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