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My Heaven

My Heaven

Dragons will rule it all

I'm currently doing the much needed spring cleaning, gutting out, and totally
remodelling that I've been saying I was going to do... See?
More's comming up in the near future.

Last updated: 05/29/00

This page is all about things that rule (according to me).
I'm working really hard on it, and I hope you will enjoy. This page isn't
made to inform you all on the lives of stars and stuff,
but I include them by pics, links, blurbs, etc.
Feel free to sign the guest book, even if you have no interest in the page.
It's always nice to hear someone say "hi". Smile! :)

Don't worry... Be happy
"Don't worry... Be happy" :)

Guess what!!! I finally got some stuff into some of these links!!!
Don't ask which ones, because I don't know!
There's something in each of them, so click around.
Most of them are probally all junky still.
I'm working on it!!! Really, I am!!! :)
(Note: most of my time is spent on the index page though,
so I don't know how up-to-date the contents of the other pages are.)

| Gil | David Gallagher | Vincent Kartheiser
See Spot Run | Stabbing Westwards | Aaron Carter | Silverchair | The Moffatts

Some Odds 'n' Ends

Webrings and Stuff

Some of My Favorite Links

Various other cool junk(<--MY quotes!)

These are old pictures...
NYC trip pics!
NEW!!! '99-'00 Pics!

Come to my deep, dark, corner!

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Just tell me in the guest book that you want it out. It could be there for your own benefit.

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